Tutankhamen – Black Pharaoh

In recent times I have been concern by what I consider racially motivated attempts within certain branches of academia, to depict Tutankhamen as ‘European’, and not a ‘Black African man.  This is not a mainstream effort, however, but represents the racist fringe of pseudo-scientists who try to hide their prejudices behind a thin veil of academia.  Nor is this a case of ‘White’ versus ‘Black’ – as many White people fully support Black liberation, and in the very least are thoroughly opposed to racism.  This is more a case of ‘racists’ versus ‘non-racists’ and this battle is ongoing.

In this regard, I have just watched the above excellent documentary on BBC Four about Tutankhamen.  This is the latest research with DNA testing proving that he was the son of Pharaoh Akhenaten and Queen Kiya. The test also revealed that these two royals were brother and sister.  Tutankhamen had a club left-foot (hence all the walking canes in his tomb), and a shattered left knee.  All the other injuries and breakages on his body were inflicted after he was found in 1922 – a time of primitive archaeology. In Joyce Tyldesley’s book ‘Tutankhamen’, it states that his body was contaminated with DNA after his death, and during the 70 days of the embalming process 3,300 tears ago in ancient Egypt.  Also, after 1922, thousands of Europeans pocked, prodded and handled Tutankhamen’s mummy – contaminating it with European DNA. Decades later, the contamination of his body was revealed by DNA testing, but some researchers, instead of explaining the presence of European DNA as being an ‘error’ easily explainable, actually proposed the absurd notion that Tutankhamen was ‘European’ and not a ‘Black’ African.  The BBC documentary carries-out an impressive ‘virtual’ autopsy, and from all the genetic, biological and physical data – and reconstructs Tutankhamen’s entire body – as a proud ‘Black’ African man.  Joyce Tyldesley (of Oxford University) independently carried out a similar data analysis and produced this forensic image of Tutankhamen:


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