Leaving the EU – A Revolutionary Act by the British Workers

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The British working class has been exposed to a continuous and enhanced attack since the rise of Margaret Thatcher in 1979, and the lurch to the right of the Labour Party.  Twelve years of ‘New’ Labour saw not the re-establishment of worker’s rights, social housing, free education, medical care and welfare, but rather the Blairite continuation of the Thatcher ‘counter-revolution’, and the cementing of the hegemony of the British middle class over the workers.  The workers have been relentlessly attacked from all sides by the British political establishment in an effort to take away every single and hard-earned right achieved through intense worker struggle, sacrifice and spilt blood.  Entering the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1972 was a foundational step in the disempowerment of the British worker.  This process continued with Thatcher signing into law the Single European Act in 1986 (which was further confirmed by the Maastricht Treaty in 1993).  These developments called for the formal de-Socialisation and de-Unionisation of Europe, and the instigation of a rightwing predatory, free market capitalism (presumably as part of a US policy to move the naturally leftwing culture of Europe away from any compatibility with the Communistic worker’s State of the Soviet Union then situated to the East).  This EU process of rightwing ‘reform from above’, has led to the systematic erosion of worker’s rights and improvisation of significant poverty throughout the working population of Europe.  The EU’s attack on the ordinary people of Europe has meant that workers cannot get adequate work, welfare payments, or medical treatment.  Zero-hour contracts are so appallingly bad that many workers have to sell their labour for less than they would have received from benefits paid for through taxation.  The EU is a rich, white man’s club, the legislation of which is thoroughly bourgeois in essence and structure, and designed to crush the workers, and further empower the already privileged middle class.  Since the rise of Thatcher in 1979, the loss of worker security has unfolded with a sinister and insidious certainty.  The workers have been pushed further and further into a ghetto-like existence where they are punished at every turn should they try to ‘break-out’ of this oppressive encirclement.  The vote to ‘leave’ the EU on June 23rd, 2016 was a culmination of continuous worker disappointment, set-backs, betrayals, and outright oppression inflicted by a middle class that has moved ever further to the political right.

Capitalism is the basis of all racism premised upon the enforced division of labour, and competition to separate the workers. Nationalism and race are bourgeois shams designed to cement this fictitious separation in the minds of the workers throughout the world.  If workers are brain-washed into thinking that competing with one another is more important than fighting the middle class that oppresses them, then middle class privilege and hegemony continues unabated.  Racism emanates only from the middle class and is imposed upon the minds and bodies of the workers who are victims of it.  Workers are brain-washed by the middle class to see themselves as ‘white’ and ‘hate’ other workers who are assumed to be Black, Asian, and Chinese, etc, (i.e. ‘non-white’).  Racism prevents workers from uniting and transcending the ‘false consciousnesses’ that middle class oppression has imported into the interior of their minds.  Racism represents a hate filled, highly dangerous and destructive false dichotomy that has to be confronted, exposed, uprooted, and eradicated as a middle class, capitalist and righting ideology.  Bourgeois liberals simply state that racism must be uprooted (as EU rhetoric suggests), but never acknowledges that the true root of racism is not ‘ignorance’ but ‘capitalism’.  The conditions that capitalism creates has within it the basis of all racism.  This means that no matter how many superficial changes in the law that bourgeois societies introduce, as long as exploitative, predatory capitalism exists, the conditions for racism also continue to exist.  As the EU is a system that enshrines capitalism in law, it ensures the survival of racism despite any EU-related platitudes to the opposite.  Furthermore, the EU, being a capitalist club, demands that capital and labour must be able to move throughout Europe, and that for this to happen, all Socialist and Union opposition must be removed.  Socialism and Unions are the bulwarks of worker rights, and the only social structures that can protect workers and ensure their rights.  The free movement of capital means that workers must go to wherever the capitalists want cheap labour to be – irrespective of the social, cultural and political destruction this policy means for working class populations.  As the middle class is employed primarily within management roles, its individuals are not expected to ‘move’, but rather act as stationary ‘controllers’ of the migratory labour that passes through their work areas.  As a result of EU legislation, the power of the middle class is enhanced and secured, whilst the collective power of the working class is diminished and eradicated, and the working class impoverished as a result (such as in the UK where the NHS is being privatised and welfare provision dismantled).  The EU policy of ‘forcing’ workers to leave their homeland and travel to other countries to take jobs, only serves to make workers ‘compete’ as ‘enemies’ and not ‘friends’ – this is the essence and basis of racism – and clearly explains why the EU is a ‘racist’, capitalist organisation.

The EU Referendum ‘stay’ campaign, being essentially ‘middle class’ in nature, (i.e. the product of the bourgeois protecting its own class interests), it has utilised ‘racism’ in a new and destructive manner.  The ‘stay’ campaign has deliberately presented the capitalist, racist basis of EU legislation as being ‘anti-racist’ in nature.  This is not surprising as it represents the working of the ‘inverted’ bourgeois mind-set linked historically to institution of theistic religion (as a means to control the workers).  In the past the bourgeois has stated that the religion that oppresses the workers, is at the sametime the religion that ‘saves’ the workers.  The middle class would have the UK population believe that the EU that inflicts racism upon the workers, is exactly the very same EU that ‘saves’ the workers from that racism.  This is why the ‘leave’ campaign (which has ample non-white worker support) has been misrepresented by the middle class as ‘racist’ even though for the workers, getting ‘out’ of the EU is a necessary course of action to confront the destructive nature of EU capitalism (and the racism its generates).  Of course, getting out of the EU does not ‘stop’ capitalism (or ‘racism’), but it does limit the damage being done to the UK workers by an incredibly callous manifestation of it.  If the UK can become ‘free’ of EU tyranny, then it would be possible for its electorate to democratically elect a truly leftwing and Socialist government.  It would also mean that a major source of racial tension and antagonism in British society would be removed.  The UK could also remove the block that the EU places on immigration from outside the EU –and welcome Black, Asian and Chinese people into the UK as ‘friends’ and not EU-enforced ‘competitors’.  A clean break with the EU would ensure that European citizens could come the UK and benefit from worker’s rights, rather than the stresses of zero-hour contracts.  Furthermore, if other European countries left the EU, then worker’s rights could be re-established in other areas of Europe and the EU hegemony could be smashed for ever.  Capital should not ‘move’ freely, and nor should workers.  Wealth generated in communities should be retained for the betterment of those communities.  As matters stand, the international middle class is using the Eurozone as a giant wealth-producing exercise at the expense of the well-being of the workers who generate that wealth, but do not benefit from it.  The EU is not ‘progressive’ in anyway, but entirely ‘regressive’ in nature.  Its particular brand of capitalism is destructive to the working class and no good can be found within it.  Those who voted ‘leave’ the EU – that is the British working class – are true revolutionary heroes and their example should not be sullied by duplicitous bourgeois rhetoric that accuses them of ‘racism’, when they are fighting for the end of capitalism (and the racism it produces).

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