Post-Soviet Driving in Russia

During the Soviet era of rapid development (1917-1991), a backward Russia (and surrounding countries) was lifted-out of feudalistic poverty and squalor, and the USSR forged a modern and progressive Workers’ State.  A car industry developed, and as society became more collectively affluent, more people were able to own their own form of transport (usually through government or workplace grants or loans, etc).  Cars were not the individual ‘fetish’ they became in the West – but were considered functional for the smooth running of society.  As a result, the road system and safety regulations that developed placed the care of Soviet citizens as a priority – both those driving the cars, and those on foot.  Zebra Crossings were common across what would be considered wide main roads, or even dual carriageways, which involved a controlled traffic flow always stopping when pedestrians approached the crossing – allowing them to cross safely.  The Communist mentality was that each individual was responsible for the welfare and safety of all others.  This selfless attitude made society safe, self- regulating, and progressive.  Owning and driving a car was a matter of benefiting society and not the individual self.  Today, however, the situation is entirely different. Since the abandoning of Communism and the importation of bourgeois, predatory capitalism into Russia, owning and driving a car has become an expression of rampant (selfish) individuality, that does not care about society of others as a whole.  Now people drive without control and consideration, killing and maiming pedestrians on the very Zebra Crossings (and other places) that used to work safely during Soviet times.  Why is this?  It is because ‘lack of concern for others’ is now considered an expression of ‘personal freedom’, but it must not be forgotten that this is exactly how capitalism works in the West.  Individuality is legitimised as the highest (and only) form of freedom, and selfishness is encouraged and rewarded by an uncaring society.  Under capitalism, to ‘care’ for others is seen as ‘weak’ and ‘unprofitable’, and when you watch the above video of people being hit, remember that have died or been severely injured because Communism was brought-down, and capitalism took its place.  They have in fact died so that others can make unbridled profit out of their deaths.

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