MI Kalinin: US & UK Pacts with the USSR


This year of war has vividly shown that the economy of our country is based on firm foundations. The morale of the people is extremely firm. The people are filled with relentless hatred of the enemy and the conviction that he must be routed and routed mercilessly.

Our international situation could not be more stable. Great Britain and the USA, from the very first days of the war between Germany and the USSR, took the line of supporting the Soviet Union.  Now our country and Great Britain have signed a Treaty of Alliance in the war against Hitlerite Germany and her associates in Europe, and of collaboration and mutual help after the war.

America has become a belligerent country.  An agreement has been signed between America and the USSR on the principles of mutual help in the war. The aid given to us by America and Britain in terms of war supplies will increase to a greater extent.

All these factors give full grounds for confidence that the enemy will be defeated. The Soviet people have no illusions of an easy victory over the treacherous and vile enemy, who will continue fighting with all his strength. The enemy is not yet defeated. He still possesses considerable resources. The more hopeless the position of the Hitlerite hordes the more adventurous will be the the attempts they undertake. But the defeat of Hitlerism is inevitable.

The Soviet people are are firmly convinced of their victory, and they know that this victory must be won from day to day, at the front and in the rear, in factories, mines and collective farms, in the front line position, in the trenches and in the guerilla detachments.

No sacrifice or difficulties can halt the Soviet people in their iron determination to rout their deadly enemy.  Our task is to hasten this rout.

MI Kainin – Chairman of the Praesidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR

MI Kalinin – The Soviet President Speaks – Speeches, Broadcast Addresses, and Articles on the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union, Hutchinson & Co, 1942 Twelve Months of the War, Page 27.

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