Stalin’s Medical Records in Later Life


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(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Joseph Stalin’s health was very good throughout his lifetime, despite the prevailing myth that he suffered from poor health and died of a cerebral haemorrhage that could have been avoided. This is obviously a false idea as the scrutiny of over 30 years of Stalin’s medical reports testify.

All reports suggest that Stalin possessed good health, but false rumours have persisted that he did not like (or trust) doctors and that when ill he would avoid medical attention and try to treat himself.  The medical records suggest otherwise.  In fact the exact opposite is true.  Whenever Stalin was even a little uncomfortable, he would call a doctor and submit to treatment.  He would also insist on his condition being monitored over a number of days.  All this resultant information was recorded and preserved within Stalin’s medical records.

On September the 16th, 1947, prior to travelling to Poland (to initiate the Cominform), the 68 year old Stalin had a routine medical.  The results were as follows: ‘The main condition – early stage hypertension.  Other symptoms – chronic joint rheumatism, fatigue, pulse 74 per beats minute, blood pressure 145/85 – Dr Kirilov.

Modern medical science suggests that for people aged between 40 and 60, a blood pressure of 135/85 is considered normal, whilst people over 60 years of age, the normal blood pressure is 150/90.  From this it can be observed that Stalin’s over-all medical condition was good.  After rest and recuperation, on September the 29th, Stalin’s blood pressure was measured as being 135/75, with a heartbeat of just 68 beats per minute – this correlates to a healthy man in his 40’s.  His heartbeat was strong, his fatigue had disappeared and his joint pain had stopped.  He was happy and feeling enthusiastic – Dr Kirilov.

When Stalin was 71, he had a medical check on September the 4th, 1950.  Before bathing his blood pressure was 140/80 with 74 heart beats per minute, but after bathing his blood pressure was 138/75, with a strong heartbeat.  Sleep normal – over-all condition is good – Dr Kirilov.

Stalin aged 73 – medical report: ‘January the 9th, 1952 – pulse 70 beats per minute. Blood pressure both normal and powerful at 140/80.’  At the time of this medical, Stalin was suffering from severe flu and a high fever.  Many young people would struggle to have such good blood pressure – particularly as Stalin had early stage hypertension.

Stalin’s daughter Svetlana said: ‘When 72 years old, he was so spirited and fleet of foot when walking quickly through the park that his bodyguards were often made breathless whilst trying to keep-up with him.’

Beria’s Son – Sergo, said: ‘I saw Stalin in December, 1952, and looked fit and well.’  Molotov said: ‘I saw Stalin regularly about 4-5 weeks prior to his death, and he seemed very healthy and vigorous.’

Therefore the idea that Stalin had been made seriously ill and unfit by the strains associated with WWII are obviously untrue.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2016.

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现代医学认为,对于年龄40-60岁的人来说,血压从135到85就算正常,而对年过60岁的斯大林而言,标准的血压应是150/ 90,所以看得出斯大林身体相当好。 在经过温泉疗养之后,1947年9月29日,斯大林的健康得到了恢复,好得就像40岁的人一样:“洗浴后血压135/75,洗浴后脉搏每分种68次,搏动稳定均匀,心音清晰分明。关节无大碍。情绪及自我感觉良好。基里洛夫。”

当斯大林71岁时,在温泉疗养地又做了体检。“1950年9月4日。洗浴前脉搏每分种74次,血压 140/80。洗浴后脉搏每分种68次,搏动均匀,血压138/75。心音有改善。睡眠正常……总体情况良好。基里洛夫。”



贝利亚的儿子谢尔戈说:“我在1952年12月见到过斯大林,当时他看上去精神抖擞。” 莫洛托夫也说:“在斯大林去世前4-5星期,我还见过他。他精神得很。”


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