Christianity Flourishes in North Korea


The Seven Valley Church is located in Pyongyang’s Guangfu Street.  It was founded in 1899 and has over a hundred years of history.  For a long time the Seven Valley Church was a stronghold for the Christian faith in Korea, but during the Korean War tragedy struck.  At that time many Christians took refuge in the church when it was deliberately bombed by US forces, and as a result many lost their lives.  However, Christians within North Korea have worked hard to re-build this church so that they might have a place of worship that represents their faith requirements.  The new church is now open and welcome to all Christians.  The church has a leading pastor, novice priests, elders, and deacons.


On Sunday, Christians come to this church to partake in (Christian) preaching that emphasises Korean national unity, love of the Korean motherland, the practice of ethics and morality in everyday life, to hope and pray for a prosperous motherland free of ethnic strife, and for a national unity that has the power to split those foreign forces that conspire to destroy Korean unity.  Ambassadors, diplomats, representatives of international institutes, Koreans born overseas, and members of other delegations, all come to the Seven Valley Church.


This loyal church is located in the Funabashi area of Pyongyang and its re-building was completed in October, 1988.  Catholics from all over Korea attend this church on Sunday mornings to pray and are comprised of artists, workers, intellectuals, and many different Christians engaged in other activities.  Prayer meetings emphasis loyalty to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the fighting spirit of the nation, and actively participate in the building of a prosperous country.  Many South Koreans as well as foreign Christian clergy also visit this church to worship.  Those international groups that support the DPRK pay this church a visit, as do different kinds of Christians from abroad.  Whenever there is a major (Christian) festival, the Seven Valley Church Choir gives a performance.

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祈祷会上,他们说,要以胸怀爱国家、爱民族的火热心情,积极参与建设富强国家的事宜。 访问朝鲜的南朝鲜以及海外天主教神职人员与信徒、驻朝外交代表团和国际机构的天主教信徒也都来参加祈祷会。


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