Racist Daily Mail Wrong about North Korea


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(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles)

Translator’s Note:  There are a number of attacks on North Korea within the Western media that although pertaining to criticise a political regime, are in fact highly ‘racist’ and factually inaccurate.  Fabricating ‘stupid’ and ‘irrational’ pseudo-facts about North Korea does nothing to create a dialogue or resolve any difference.  One particularly absurdity emerge from the page of the British newspaper the ‘Daily Mail’.  This paper supported Adolf Hitler during his rise to power, and is renowned today for its racist and bias reporting.  In 2013 the Daily Mail falsely alleged that North Korea had passed laws regulating hair-cuts o political grounds.  What follows is a Xinhua – Chinese Newsagency deconstruction of this racist lie.  ACW 26.1.2016

Xinhua News Agency: DPRK Does Not Limit Hairstyles

In 2013 the (rightwing) British media (falsely) reported that the government of North Korea legally limits the number of hairstyles available to men and women to just twenty eight.  The number of twenty-eight was said to be the number by which Socialism can resist the onslaught of Capitalism.  According to the (rightwing) Daily Mail and City Metro newspapers (21.2.2013), pictures of haircuts on a barbershop wall in North Korea – eighteen for women and ten for men – are the product of DPRK legislation limiting the hairstyles that North Korean citizens can choose.

The latest news from the Xinhua Newsagency is that these reports are groundless and lacking in any truth.  The North Korean government has not issued any such legal guidelines defining hairstyles.  The (rightwing) Daily Mail falsely reported that the DPRK attempt to limit hairstyles was designed to counter the threat of Western influence in the country.  According to Xinhua reporter Du Baiyu (杜白羽) stationed in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang, the pictures falsely reported in the UK press were merely standard barbershop suggestions with no reference to any legal requirement or limitation.

The (rightwing) Daily Mail further incorrectly stated that North Korean women who were traditional clothing should have straight hair, whilst those women wearing Western-Style clothing often choose wavy or permed hair.  Married women adopt a short hair-style, whilst single women grow their hair long and often wear pony-tails, etc.  Men must have short hair (no more than 5cm) that is cut every fifteen days – or nutrition to the brain is inadequate – the Daily Mail falsely claimed.  Older men can grow their hair up to 7cm long.  The (rightwing) Daily Mail also incorrectly reported that in 2005 there was a DPRK TV programme entitled ‘Let Us Create Socialist Hairstyles’ which was designed to resist Western cultural corruption.  The (rightwing) Daily Mail backed up its deliberately false rhetoric by asserting that anyone with a non-official hair-cut will be arrested as a traitor and their names announced on national TV.  None of this reporting is true.  The (rightwing) Daily Mail) finished by stating that these hair-cut laws only apply to the ordinary people and not to the leader Kim Jong Un (金正恩) or his wife – Li Xue Zi (李雪子) – who can wear whatever hair or clothing fashion style they like – the (rightwing) Daily Mail continued its false reporting by asking how will this affect the youth of North Korea?

Last year (2012) the hair-cut of Kim Jong Un was very popular.  Mr Hu – who is involved in the coal industry and who is from the Dandong area of China – said that when he was staying in a Pyongyang Hotel last year he spent 30 yuan at the barber’s shop.  He said the shops are small and tidy, and fully equipped for all kinds of modern hair-cutting needs (including the barber’s chair, scissors, combs, clippers, shampoo and sinks, etc) – with men and women being catered for by separate specialising barbers.  In other words the barber industry of the DPRK is very similar to that found in modern China.  Mr Hu said that North Korean Barbers do possess clippers, but they prefer to use scissors for greater accuracy.  Barber’s do not refer to manuals or journals for guidance on hair-cuts.  They simply do as the customer asks.  Last year Kim Jong Un’s hair-cut was very popular (a back comb with the sides and back shaved).

Mr Wang – a Chinese businessman from Yanji, who specialises in mineral resources –  said that in the past in China and North Korea, barbers only used scissors and a razor-blade sharpened on a leather strap.  Sometimes there might be water and soap, but sometimes there was not.  There was no hair-dryer and everything was dried using a towel.  Today things are very different.  Those who work in a barber’s shop have to have a work permit based upon a three-point system of technical ability.  In the best ‘cheap’ barber shops each cut costs between 500 to 1000 DPRK dollars (around 3.5 to 7 yuan).  DPRK nationals are charged 2 DPRK dollars when they visit the barber shop.  Generally speaking, ordinary foreign people cannot go to the DPRK and open a Barber’s shop. This situation is different for Korean people born in China who can go and start a business in the DPRK – with the exchange rate very much operating in their favour.  Now Pyongyang has many well established and respected barber shops that are fully equipped with all the latest hair-cutting technology.  Prices range from $5 to $20.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2016.

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