Zionism as National Socialism

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Fascism is a rightwing ideology that advocates the single-minded pursuance of racialised myth that is highly dangerous and destructive to humanity in general, and to the Jewish peoples of the world in particular.  The racism of anti-Semitism is probably as old as the Jewish faith itself, and has been evident throughout the world since ancient times, to varying degrees.  The industrialised murder of millions of Jewish men, women and children (as well as other ethnic minorities, homosexuals and political dissidents) during the Nazi German Holocaust of WWII, saw anti-Semitism reach a new peak in the application of its destructive ideology.  Anti-Semitism is believed to operate as an a priori constituent of non-Jewish psychology, and has even been applied from time to time to describe Jewish people accused of being ‘self-hating’.  Although an irrational fear and hatred of Jews and everything Jewish, anti-Semitism has often been viewed as a response to the Jewish theological assertion that those who happen to be born into Jewish families are spiritually (and therefore ethnically) superior to non-Jews, and the perceived fact that Jewish men have been historically viewed as being very good and profitable business people, amassing great fortunes at the expense of non-Jewish communities.  Like any form of racism, hatred is the basis of anti-Semitism, regardless of any other attempt at ideologically justifying its presence.

Zionism as pursued by the modern State of Israel is a fascist ideology that is in many ways identical to its Nazi German equivalent.  Zionism is not so much a self-defensive response to anti-Semitism (as its ideologues would have you believe) but is in fact the embracing of fascist ideology by predominantly ‘white’ Jews of European descent.  From the late 1800’s and into the 1900’s, European Jews living in ‘Palestine’ propagated a ‘racial’ superiority between themselves – the chosen children of god – the gentile British colonial authorities, and the racially and religiously inferior Palestinian people.  The Jews of Palestine, whilst ruthlessly pursuing the racist ideology of Zionism, never suffered any ‘holocaust’ in the Middle East at the time when millions of their fellow Jews were being hunted down and exterminated by the Nazi German regime.  Ironically whilst never actual allies of the Nazi German regime, the Palestinian Jews perpetuated exactly the same fascist ideology tailored for their own particular use.  In Palestine it was the white ethnic Jew that was superior to the Arabic Palestinian Muslim or Christian.  Whereas Hitler blamed the Jews for every ill under the sun, the Zionists blamed the Palestinian Arabs.  Where Hitler stated that the German people suffered untold misery at the hands of the Jews, the Zionists blamed the Palestinians for every perceived injustice.  Just as Hitler militarily acquired the land of others for German people to live on, the modern State of Israel, from its inception, used unjustified military force to illegally deprive the Palestinians of their own country.  Just as Hitler blamed the victims of the holocaust for the holocaust itself, the Israeli Zionists blame the Palestinians for the Jewish invasion and occupation of Palestine.  Hitler ‘imagined’ that German Jews were the enemy within and justified their murder in these terms.  Zionist Israelis view the Palestinians in exactly the same manner.  The difference is that Hitler’s murderous regime was defeated and his killing of Jews was stopped by the allies, but in the case of Israel, Palestinian men, women, and children are still continuously being murdered on the streets by the Israeli military, for no other reason than being a ‘non-Jew’.

Zionism is fascism, and fascism routinely uses ‘lying’ as a legitimate political ideology.  Israeli Zionists – with the aid of the US – perpetuate the myth that modern Israel is premised upon biblical Israel.  However, just as Hitler imagined German Aryans originating in Tibet, Israeli Zionists mistake the mythology of the bible for historical fact.  Zionist historians, just like their Nazi German counter-parts – re-write history and manufacture lies as facts.  Palestinian Jews have never suffered any anti-Semitic attacks in the Middle East, and yet Israeli Zionists continuously justify their murdering of innocent Palestinians through recourse to anti-holocaust rhetoric – as if the ordinary Palestinians are Nazi Germans and the Israeli military is fighting to free trapped Jews from the death camps.  None of this is true.  Palestine is not, and has never been Nazi Germany.  In fact Palestine has never possessed an army.  Many Palestinians defend themselves from heavily armed Israeli soldiers by throwing stones before they are shot dead.  World Jewry does not unquestionably support Zionism and is involved in many protests against it.  Like any form of fascism (and racism) Zionism must be exposed for the lie that it is, and the broader non-Jewish community should assist the Jewish community in this task.  Many historians of Jewish origins are today dismantling the racist myths of Zionism and presenting the true history of the Jews in Palestine, and the fascist distortions of the facts by the modern State of Israel.  Israelis live within a destructive mythology that routinely murders a non-European ethnic group (the Palestinians) and we are told by Israeli apologists that this is right.  Zionism is not ‘right’ in anyway and its lies are being exposed by such prominent Jewish commentators as Miko Paled, Benny Morris, Ilan Pappe, and Avi Shlaim.  I support Judaism but oppose Zionist fascism.

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