Greed Stunts the Evolution of the Species


The policy of greed encourages individuals to pull all resources toward themselves, whilst simultaneously pushing all other individuals away (because each individual is a potential competitor for those resources). Greed is the historical basis of ‘individuality’. Greed ensures that everyone is the enemy, and that everyone who is a ‘friend’ is simply a fellow grasper of resources. This creates islands of affluence in a sea of deprivation. If humanity continues to exist in this manner, then as a species it cannot psychologically or physically evolve. Instead humanity will stay in a precarious evolutionary niche whereby the pointless battle for the acquisition of resources will continue regardless of already existing individual wealth, or the wealth of the nation.  Greed as a conditioned mentality is default set to attack and resist its opposite – anti-greed – and will marshal endless material resources to prevent its establishment in the world.  This is greed acting in self-defense.  Greed has to behave in this manner because it is an outmoded means of survival that manifested in the pre-human ancestry when logic and reason was absent in the species.  Greed is an instinct that fights for food, shelter, and political influence over the other members of the group or tribe.  Rich people, for instance, become rich because of greed (either their own or their ancestors), and continue to pursue this policy of depriving others of material possessions and political influence even though they already possess ample resources of their own to live many lifetimes in relative ease.  Rich people are greedy even though they have enough, whereas poor people are by necessity desperate for the basic needs of daily existence.  As a minority of society are rich (through the successful application of greed), and given that this minority retains control of the majority of the wealth and virtually all of the political power, poorer people are forced to artificially ‘compete’ over what resources are left (the unsuccessful application of greed), whilst simultaneously existing within a society in the Western world that possesses a vast bedrock of affluence.  This highly exploitative system of ‘greed’ is replicated from one generation to the next, with any attempt to deviate from its remit severely attacked and destroyed, as in such a society greed must always be seen to be winning.  However, it is exactly this process (and ability) to deviate from the established status quo that is the essence of evolution through natural selection that if allowed to happen, would psychologically and physically transition humanity into an entirely new era of reality.  Pursuing greed form one generation to the next is effectively allowing the ‘greedy’ to dictate and define human reality, and is preventing ever greater depth of investigation and exploration in the fields of inner and outer understanding and achievement.  The greedy are not ‘fit’ human beings in the evolutionary sense, but artificially create a power base for themselves within society that subordinates all others to it.  Those who are subordinate to the greedy are by far the best model of evolutionary ‘fitness’ because they are still participating in the meaningful struggle for survival despite the fact that their society is rich.  This model holds true for the world at large whereby a small number of countries (through their historical national greed) hold most of the wealth, and pursue international policies that subordinate the other (poorer) countries to their will.  Greed is an evolutionary ‘trap’ that raises the ‘unfit’ (i.e. the international middle and upper classes) over the ‘fit’ (i.e. the international working class).  In nature this cycle would be broken by a species-wide adaptation that advocates a ‘non-greed’ trend of evolution in such a manner that it would sweep all ‘greed’ orientated tendencies away as being manifestations of backward and non-progressive modes of existence.  Greed is conservative in nature and as it is being allowed to currently define human society, it is preventing the human species from collectively advancing on the path of inner and outer evolutionary development which is potentially limitless in scope.

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