Boycott the Livermead Cliff Hotel – Torquay

Livermead Cliff Hotel - Torquay Road - Torquay
Livermead Cliff Hotel – Torbay Road – Torquay

The Management of the Livermead Cliff Hotel – Torquay Road – Devon (and associated hotels in the area), advertises and supports the far-right political cause of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), the policies of which are premised upon racism and discrimination. The Livermead Cliff Hotel (and the others like it in the Torbay area) should be boycotted by all right-minded individuals who support common decency, and tourists of African-Caribbean, Asian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean descent, amounts many others.  It is ironic that the sign advertising the next meeting of UKIP Devon is next to the Disabled access ramp of the Livermead Cliff Hotel.  UKIP – continuing its Nazi heritage – detests people with disabilities and would have them removed from public view and left penniless and destitute.  This is why disabled people should boycott the Livermead Cliff Hotel.

Matthew Collins – in his book entitled ‘Hate’ – describes Torquay as being a bedrock of far-rightwing political bias, racism, and discrimination. Indeed, he was made welcome in the early 1990’s in a number of boarding houses and eateries throughout the area, because of his then membership of the British National Party (BNP). Many business, hoteliers, and local people viewed him as something of a national celebrity because of the rightwing views they shared with him. Since then of course, Matthews Collins has become a leftwing activist campaigning against racism and discrimination, and exposing for political far-right for what it is – staffed ostensibly by drunkards and drug addicts, as well as those suffering from various types of emotional and psychological damage.

As the 2015 General Election looms in the UK, the rightwing Torbay Council – supported by the local apathetic Devon and Cornwall Police – is gearing-up for its usual support of the Conservative Party and its far-rightwing political supporters. Public funds gathered from local tax-payers are being used to fund politically bias advertising campaigns that demonise the Labour Party, ignore the Liberal Democrats, and openingly supported the racism of the British National Party (BNP) in the past, and which today supports the racism and hatred of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). The irony here is that under five years of Tory Administration, businesses in the Torbay area are falling apart, as one after another closes its doors for a final time.

Crossways – Paignton
Crossways – Paignton

Hotel, motels, and boarding houses in the area rely for their business upon people staying at their holiday establishments all year around, with a particular emphasis on the summer months. People from all over the world come to Torquay and spend their hard earned money on accommodation and various other leisure activities. This includes people with Disabilities, or of African-Caribbean, Asian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean descent, amongst many others, and yet there exists in the area a streak of pronounced prejudice racism that damages the very business that is reliant upon a multicultural clientele, and a clientele with Disabilities. This is why local business people and individuals living in the Torbay area – and who hold far-right political views – should pay the economic cost for these views, and nolonger benefit from the revenue that a clientele with Disabilities, or a multicultural clientele regularly generates. The Livermead Cliff Hotel is linked through its management with other hotels in the Torbay area. This management openly supports the discriminative and racist United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and as can be seen from the above recent photograph, grants it a safe place to hold its local meetings so that it can continue to spread its vile poison. The answer is simple – BOYCOTT THE LIVERMEAD CLIFF HOTEL! Do not book rooms there, and do not eat in its dining rooms. If the management of the Livermead Cliff Hotel wants to give refuge and support to the racist UKIP – or any other far-right group – let them pay the economic cost for this support. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY – but instead stay at a reputable establishment that has no far-right political links.


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