DPRK Protests Following South Korean Insults of Kim Jong Un

DPRK Soldiers Defy South Korea
DPRK Soldiers Defy South Korea

Original Chinese Language Article: www.news.zdface.com

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

North Korea has recently witnessed 150,000 of its citizens gathering en masse to protest South Korean insults aimed at its leader – Kim Jong Un. In South Korea, the people are asking how it is that they have insulted Kim Jong Un?

North Korean media recently reported that a group of South Korean soldiers based in Inchon – used insulting language aimed at a portrait of the supreme leader – and that this act has caused a strong reaction from many circles in North Korea.

150,000 Gathered
150,000 Gathered

Korean People’s Army Supreme Command spokesman said in a statement that any attempt to profane, libel or damage the dignity of the DPRK Supreme Leader will be mercilessly hit with punishment which will reflect the magnitude of the provocation.

The North Korean Central Committee Television News reported that in Pyongyang on March the 4th, 2012, residents gathered in Kim Il Sung Square to denounce the South Korean Army to insult aimed at the North Korean Labour Party, Central Military Commission Vice Committee Chief – Kim Jong Un. This was the largest gathering since the funeral of Kim Jong Il funeral.

DPRK Woen Soldiers
DPRK Women Soldie

Film footage was released on the 3rd of March 2012 showing patriotic North Korean soldiers raising with their hands and guns defiantly in the air and shouting loyal slogans to the DPRK. They demonstrated fighting spirit by pledging to fight to the death to maintain the national dignity.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2015.

Origin Chinese Language Source Article:


韩国如何侮辱金正恩 朝鲜抗议韩国侮辱金正恩

韩国如何侮辱金正恩,韩国侮辱金正恩是怎么回事?韩国侮辱金正恩为哪般?韩国如何侮辱金正恩 朝鲜抗议韩国侮辱金正恩。近日朝鲜15万人集会抗议韩国侮辱金正恩 称将发动“圣战”,事件被国际媒体关注,不少网友想知道韩国是如何侮辱金正恩。





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