Japanese Discovery of Unknown Object



Japan UFO 1803
Japan UFO 1803

Original Chinese Language Article: ufocn.com.cn 2008 

Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD

Translator’s Note: Although this story does exist in the English language, it is difficult to discern the authenticity of the lined drawings from the time that incident is supposed to have taken place. Many such drawings accompany the Western translations. Here, in this Chinese text, there is a single illustration referenced to an exact old Japanese book. Although the woman is said to be ‘foreign’ by the Japanese accounts – her recorded facial features are clearly typical of those possessed by Chinese, Japanese, and Korean people. Her clothing, although not typical of the peasantry or nobility is only marginally different, and even the ‘strange’ language found in and on her craft looks similar in conception to Chinese and Japanese-style ideograms and does not appear to deviate greatly from that type of text. She is generally believed to have possessed ‘red hair’.  At the time, according to Japanese records, this woman and her craft were apparently sighted all around Japan for a time – with the woman described as carrying a wooden box that she valued greatly and would not relinquish.   Despite this object clearly floating in the sea, it is today counted as a ‘UFO’, or ‘Unidentified Flying Object’.  ACW 15.1.15

The above picture is an illustration from the 1803 Japanese book entitled ‘Ume No Chiri’ (or ‘Apricot Tree Dust’). It depicts and unknown craft – apparently constructed of glass and steel – piloted by a foreign woman wearing unusual clothing and speaking an incomprehensible language. This craft and occupant was found floating in the sea off of the Haratono coastal area of Japan, in the Hitachi Province vicinity of Ibaragi Prefecture. No such object (or occupant) had been seen in Japan before. According to the interpretation that accompanies this picture, the craft exterior was made of steel, whilst glass windows (or ‘portholes’) allowed the pilot to see where she was going when navigating the craft. The Japanese discovers also reported finding a strange and unfamiliar script which they could not decipher. Characters from this script could be seen both inside and outside the craft.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2015.

Original Chinese Language Article:



这一个插图是在”Ume No Chiri (杏树的尘土)”的书找到,1803年出版。外国船工作人员Haratonohama(Haratono 海岸)Hitachi no Kuni (Ibaragi [日本的]县)。日本前所未知的物体。根据图画的解释,这个物体的外壳由钢和玻璃制成,并且发现奇怪的文字;显示在这张图画的太空船里面。


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