Daoist Master Liu Ming Rui (1839—1933)

In the 26th year of the rule of emperor Guangxu (光绪) – which corresponds to the Western year 1900 – after living for many years in cultivated seclusion at the ‘Secondary Canal Village’ (次渠村 – Ci Qu Qun) area of eastern Beijing, Liu Ming Rui attained complete transcendence of the physical body, and became a truly ‘non-knowing’ (无知 – Wu Zhi) person. He passed away at the age of 93 and is considered a 20th generation Grand Master of the Namo School.

Master Zhao Bichen (1860-1942) – Daoist Immortal.

‘Once beyond the initial barrier of potentially bewildering terminology, Zhao Bichen’s approach involves the cultivation of awareness throughout the ‘inside’ of the body, together with an actual awareness of qi as it is distributed throughout the system. In this respect, the inside of the body is perceived (through meditation) as a number of cavities, or vacuous spaces. The breathing mechanism maintains the inflating and deflating of these cavities with qi. Awareness becomes so subtle that even the smallest of movements within the body is clearly sensed. The qi passes around the body through the action of the inward breath and the outward breath, travelling with the blood through the arteries and veins.’