World Without Nazism – Boris Spiegel: Ukrainian Nazis Will Suffer the Same Fate of the Hitlerite Germans Near Stalingrad! (3.2.2015) 

The US, UK and EU are colluding with Google (and other Western Search Engines), to ‘block’ access to the source Russian-language website site entitled (Мир без нацизма) or ‘World Without Nazism’ (Mir Bez Natsizma) – simply because it serves as an inconvenient (and ‘in one place’) record of the West’s support for Neo-Nazism not only in the Ukraine – but also throughout Eastward Europe!

Human Rights Activist: Today – Ukraine Became an ‘Official’ Fascist State! (9.11.2018)

Obviously, following Russia taking independent action against Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi infrastructure, the US (and its lackeys) have had to resort to economic ‘sanctions’ as a means to replicate a similar type of economic ‘terrorism’ upon the Russian people. However, what the Americans are not stating is just how ‘scatter-shot’ this policy is, and how it is just as likely to inflict detrimental effects upon the world (capitalist) system (and ‘population’) outside of Russia as it does inside of Russia. In other words, the ordinary citizens of the US, UK and EU will be ‘hurt’ in a manner that is not being admitted – whereas the people of Russia will be supported and uplifted by the economic power-house that is China!