Lenin in Donetsk

Of course, the Maidan regime of Western Ukraine, with its swastikas and portraits of Hitler on public display, is not too pleased about this development, particularly as large portions of Ukrainian people living under Maidan oppression, do want neo-Nazism and would rather prefer a ‘Socialist’ State along the lines of Donetsk and Lugansk. These two small places are making a stand no less noble than that made by Great Britain against Nazi Germany during WWII, with the added irony that many in the ‘new’ Red Army are being killed by fascist bullets manufactured in the UK.

Joseph Stalin on Democracy and Trotsky’s Six Errors (17.1.1924)

That is why, when Preobrazhensky and Trotsky declared at the October plenum that they wanted to save the Party through democracy, but that the C.C. was blind and saw nothing, the C.C. laughed at them and replied: No, comrades, we, the C.C., are wholeheartedly for democracy, but we do not believe in your democracy, because we feel that your “democracy” is simply a strategic move against the C.C. motivated by your factionalism.

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