Han & Xin Dynasty – 2,000-year-Old Bronze Coins Unearthed in China’s Xi’an! (5.10.2022)

Zhang said the mint was a national-level one. Xi’an used to be the capital of the Western Han Dynasty when the city was called Chang’an.

In December 2015, archaeologists from the CASS Institute of Archaeology and Xi’an’s institute of cultural relics protection and archaeology jointly launched the excavation work of the site.

The latest round of excavation started in March 2021.

The discoveries are of great significance to the study of coinage technology and the changes in monetary and economic policies of that time, said Zhang.

China Discloses More Evidence of Cyber Attacks by US Security Agency! (27.9.2022)

A number of interesting facts have emerged.

1) The so-called Tailored Access Operation (TAO) – is using an acronym that mispronounces the Chinese term ‘道’ (dao4) – persisting to use the misrepresenting Wade-Giles variant of ‘Tao’ in defiance of Chinese Mainland derived ‘Pinyin’. The racist element of this is that America continues to insist that ‘White’ Europeans should persist to have the power to decide what Chinese culture ‘is’ and that ethnic Chinese people should just ‘conform’ to these dictates. In this case the term ‘Tao’ refers to the ‘path’ or ‘way’ into China through which America’s hackers have taken!

2) Presumably, the America’s believe that they will find some type of useful data to boost its ‘disinformation’ campaigns against China by focusing its efforts upon China’s Northwestern Polytechnical University.

3) There have been a number of ‘European’ countries that have assisted China combat US covert activity!

4) China’s Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) is located in the Xi’an area of Shaanxi Province. It is a research-oriented, multi-disciplinary university focusing on cutting-edge aerospace and marine engineering and materials science. It is one of the national 985 Project Universities in China and is affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

释大道:“神韵演出”无关传统实则洗脑 (My Falun Gong Cult Article in the Chinese Press) – Published 27.12.2017

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This article was forwarded to me from my friend – ‘陈功’ (Chen Gong) – of Li Shui University, Zhejiang province, PRC.