Racist BJP Wins Indian General Election!


Every right minded human being should condemn the result of the recent general election in India, and commiserate with the ordinary people of the Indian working class. The racist and Hindu nationalist BJP Party has won the election by a landslide victory. It has campaigned solely upon a capitalist ticket, claiming that through stringent rightwing control of the country, the economy can be made strong. This is the usual rightwing nonsense that is nothing more than the rhetoric of the minority bourgeois, which is designed to give a false hope to the masses, whilst their exploitation intensifies. The BJP rule will lead to extreme ethnic tensions between communities, and this tension will inevitably over-spill into open violence. Voting for the BJP is the equivalent in the UK of voting for a rightwing political party that is a combination of the Church of England and the British National Party – it is a political party of ignorance incarnate!

Of course, the rightwing BBC and other Western media outlets are eulogising this victory of a rightwing, bigoted party simply because it has fully embraced the language and intentions of pure capitalism. The BJP, as is the case with all racist parties, will use any expedient to gain power, and tell any number of lies to gain influence. The inequalities of capitalism can never be solved, because the foundations of capitalism are premised entirely upon the unending exploitation of the poor – an ongoing process that can only end with the transition into Socialism. The BJP is a vicious and racist religious fundamentalist political party that simply wants political power to pursue the spread of its feudalistic, ignorant beliefs. The BJP has no other agenda, despite its pretence to formulate economic plans and implementation strategies.

It is an astonishing situation to see the majority of Indian voters elect an openly racist and hate-filled party that espouses intolerance, separation, and discrimination as normal modes of political, cultural, and social interaction. Particularly when viewed in the light of the fact that India as a country suffered under decades of British imperialist rule that saw the most vicious application of racism and ignorance in the name of commerce and the gathering of profit. Parties like the BJP, are of course following the imaginations of a man-made theology attributed to a god, or set of gods, but which is in reality the creation of the minds of men. The BJP is a Hindu movement that draws its inherent racism from the perpetuation of the Brahmanic caste system – which was banned in theory at Independence, but which in reality is as strong today as it has ever been. Non-Hindus are seen as inferior species of life, and it is this attitude that the BJP brings to the governance of India. The capitalist system across the world is on the march at the moment and is openly courting the rightwing cause. The BJP victory should be seen as a warning to all right-minded people throughout the world. This political and cultural ignorance must be prevented from taking power and education is a key foundation for the stopping fascism in the world.

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