Arthurian Centre – Camelford – Cornwall: 28.7.15

The Arthurian Centre is located in Camelford, Cornwall. It is an educational centre specialising in all details surrounding the history, myths and legends surrounding the story of King Arthur. The centre is situated on a large country estate that has the river Camel running through it. The area is partly fields and partly forests, and as visitors exist the Arthurian Centre, they are led on a 500m trail through the countryside to find the ancient Arthur Stone which has been dated to around 540CE by the Irish Ogham script found engraved upon it

The Great Halls of King Arthur’s Court – Tintagel – Cornwall 26.7.15

In the earliest layers of legend – King Arthur is a pre-Christian British leader – who unites the land and brings peace and prosperity to the land of Britain. He is assisted in this task by the magic Celtic wizard named Merlin. After Christianity arrived in Britain, the early Christian missionaries were surprised by the fact that the local Britons believed in the story of Arthur to a greater extent than they turned to the foreign and unfamiliar religion of Christianity. To combat this indigenous threat to the spread of Christianity, the missionaries pursued a policy of harnessing local ‘pagan’ beliefs and superimposing upon them a Christian interpretation.