China: The Luling Iron Cross (庐陵铁十字)! (24.4.2023) 

Although there is no physical evidence of a ‘Cross’ as such, there are a number of historical texts pertaining to it. In one such Chinese language text – the object concerned is referred to as the ‘Red Iron Cross Stand’ (赤铁十字架 – Chi Tie Shi Zi Jia) – as this seems to be its proper and original designation. Indeed, a more refined date relating to this unearthed (large) Iron ‘Cross’ is that of the fourth (ruling) ‘Era’ ascribed to the reign of Emperor Sun Wu – namely that of ‘赤乌’ or ‘Chi Wu’ – (238-250 CE). Therefore, the ‘Luling Iron Cross’, or the ‘Red Iron Cross Stand’ is said to have entered China at some point within these emphasised 12-years. It would seem that this ‘Cross’ was placed atop a burial mound at Luling – within which it eventually sank. Around 1,200 years later, for reasons that are not entirely clear, this burial mound was excavated – and this ‘Cross’ was rediscovered.

US: Shooting at Funeral Home – 1 Dead – 3 Wounded! (12.4.2023)

Authorities have confirmed that the Louisville gunman had bought the AR-15 style rifle used in the attack legally.

There have been 147 mass shootings in the United States so far this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive, which defines a mass shooting as one in which at least four people are shot, excluding the shooter.

Meanwhile, more than 11,650 people have lost their lives to gun violence in the past few months, the website’s data showed.

Experiences with gun-related incidents are common among U.S. adults.

One in five say they have personally been threatened with a gun, and a similar share say a family member was killed by a gun, including death by suicide, according to a new survey released by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Ruins in Northwest China Confirmed as 3,000-Year-Old Settlement! (14.3.2023)

Copper ore leftovers, stove relics, and pottery were found in the northeast of the city. Archaeologists believed the venue had been used during the early to mid-Western Zhou Dynasty.

Dou Haifeng, vice dean of the School of Cultural Heritage at Northwest University, heading the excavation project, noted that the findings could provide valuable evidence for studies in the settlement layout, the composition of residents, and social change in the Shang and Zhou Dynasties. They are also significant for studying the origin and development of the Zhou civilization.

CAHOKIA – One of the Non-European Cities to have Existed in North America! (7.1.2023) 

US academics who do dabble in this area often try to date its decline and disappearance to a convenient ‘1350 CE’ – or just prior to the arrival of Columbus in 1492 CE – whilst others state that it was probably contact with Europeans that put an end to it. The usual dualistic paradigm perpetuated is that these non-European architects who (were expert in engineering) – were also ‘savage’ in religion (a recurring theme in Protestant and Catholic-led European colonialism) – and destroyed themselves through their own inherent ‘evilness’ and ‘stupidity’! There is premised upon apparent archaeological evidence of what might be a small number of human ‘sacrifices’ dating to around 900 CE – but many old cultures practiced this including Celts, Vikings, the Chinese, Indians and many other ethnic and religious groups (including Christians) around the world. The Protestant and Catholic Christians, for instance, used to ritualistically ‘burn’ one another throughout Europe as an ‘offering’ to their respective interpretation of the same Abrahamic god! Of course, this was when these two ‘Unorthodox’ Churches were not busy torturing or burning the Pagan populations of the countries they had occupied!

Why Was the Dead Body of Karl Marx Not Cremated? (26.12.2022) 

What we do know is that the mortal remains of Karl Marx are believed to lay in the soil of Highgate Cemetery under a marble monument placed over the grave during 1956 (replacing an older and much smaller gravestone – the current location of which I do not know). Although Karl Marx is often (disparagingly) referred to as a ‘Jew’ – in no way was his burial in Highgate Cemetery in accordance with Jewish tradition (of respectful encasement within a spotless ‘Mausoleum’). At least on that footing we are safe. As there was no ‘Cross’ placed over his grave either – the idea of a ‘Christian’ burial can also be dismissed. We are then left with what looks like an ‘irreligious’ burial very much in accordance with the ‘Atheistic’ or at least ‘non-religious’ ideology of Marx and Engels! As this happened just before the development of ‘Cremation’ as a regular or officially sanctioned activity – the physical remains of Karl Marx still exist. I believe an interesting scientific study could be carried-out if these remains were exhumed and subject to extensive DNA testing. A far more secure and efficient casket could then be designed to hold these remains and they could be more securely interred – protected from the hatred of the Bourgeoisie, their religious lackeys and the political far-right! 

New ‘Third’ Fossilized Skull of “Yunxian Man” (Homo Erectus) Found in Central China! (29.9.2022)

In 1989 and 1990, the first and second such skulls, dating from 800,000 to 1.1 million years ago, were unearthed at an early Paleolithic period site in central China’s Hubei Province. The fossil skulls are believed to belong to Homo Erectus and were named “Yunxian Man.”

The new fossil, named “No. 3 Skull of Yunxian Man,” was discovered about 35 meters from the excavation location of the first two skull fossils, with similarities in terms of burial environment and the technical characteristics of their companion stone artifacts.

Archaeologists have carried out systematic excavations at the site since 2021, which led to the new discovery. Part of the new skull has been unearthed, with no obvious deformation visible so far.

Experts said that the new discovery will provide important evidence showing the evolution of Homo Erectus and its origin and development in China and East Asia.

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