Spirit Writing: Channelling GG Allin! (27.4.2023)

Whilst High On Coffee and Extra-Strong Mints – I Spontaneously Channelled GG Allin!

Song Title: Necro-Romancy! 

Dead or alive – give me your hive! It will bee fine – f’cking society from behind! 

Clit-orus: Shout! Shout! Next door’s dog is barking! 

(Guitar rift) 

Performance Notes: Finger ass, crouch on floor (might or might not shit) – headbutt nearest fan (always keep them guessing)! 

Leave me alone! Look at my bone! Come near – but watch out for my bad snatch-itude! 

(Knock drums over) 

We will raise hell wherever we are! It doesn’t matter where! 

Don’t talk at me whilst I pee! English punk is full of c’nt! Talk out of your punk! The only language I understand! Other than Anustani! 

Get back to where you are coming are from! The Beatles were racist – but not me! 

Fuck, fuck and fuck! There, that should do it! I need a nap now – I’m 66 and tired of impersonating The Clash! 

GG Allin – Through Spirit Writing (2023)