Email: Falun Gong Cult Rescue! (25.5.2022)

Dear Falun Gong Cult Members

Every time I receive a message from you crying-out for help – I forward it to the Government of China AND to the various organisations that operate in the UK working to combat the Falun Gong Cult and its various illegal activities and ongoing projects of criminality. As you know, the Falun Fong Cult is associated (amongst many other things) with Ukrainian (Maidan) Neo-Nazism and assists in the raising of funds for the Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion (which was recently ‘destroyed’ whilst hiding-out in the tunnels of Azovstal by the combined might of the People’s Militia of Donetsk and the Russian Armed Forces). 

Since our last interactions – we have managed to rescue two children and five female adults from the dungeons of the Falun Gong Cult premises throughout the UK – and have had many high-ranking Falun Gong Cult Officials arrested, charged, imprisoned and where applicable – deported – to their country of origin. Of course, as times change and the general public becomes better educated, the religious ignorance (and blatant sexual predatory behaviour) of the men who run the Falun Gong Cult cartels is being better understood – with many law enforcement agencies world-wide now actively following the example of China by pursuing an anti-Falun Gong Cult policy to protect the general public As this sometimes involves the ongoing infiltration of the various Falun Gong Cult ‘cells’ and ‘battalions’ – we cannot issue specific details at this time.

We welcome your ongoing communication because although the attributed name stays the same at the top of your emails – we know that the people behind the ‘name’ are continuously being changed! This is because those being co-opted by the Falun Gong Cult to ‘harvest’ the email addresses of the general public (and then harass them with unsolicited spam communications), are always changing as the individuals concerned are ‘forced’ to do this ‘phishing’ activity by their Falun Gong Cult captors! However, we are also aware that the use of this email address has ‘spread’ through the various Falun Gong Cult groups and is known to be a ‘SAFE’ first point of communication for those who want to escape and return to the world of reason, responsibility and mutual respect for human life! 

Best Wishes


PS: We have deciphered the requests for help ‘hidden’ in your previous email and action has already been taken to rescue those named in the sub-text!

On Wed, 25 May 2022, at 08:40, David Robertson wrote:

Esteemed Compassionate Person,


Falun Dafa (or Great Law) is an ancient Buddhist meditation system made public by Master Li Hongzhi. It is based on the characteristics of the universe – truthfulness, compassion and forbearance. It cultivates both mind and body. The main focus of cultivation is on developing virtue by perfecting the quality of one’s character, thus lifting the constraints to reaching tranquility and accelerating spiritual progress.

Falun Dafa practitioners do not strike back when hit, nor do they talk back when insulted. But we must speak out to raise awareness about the current persecution that Falun Dafa is subject to in its country of origin – China. The practice is banned in China although millions of people still cultivate in secret. If found to be cultivating this peaceful, harmless, righteous and compassionate Buddhist practice, the Chinese government imprisons, tortures and ‘re-educates’ the person according to the Chinese Communist Party ideology. Tens of thousands of innocent people are currently being held in detention camps. Many people and their families have been tortured and killed.

The Chinese people are fearful of speaking out and the world is mostly unaware due to the secretive nature of the Chinese government. The Chinese government has complete control over the media and uses it to disseminate lies and misinformation about Falun Dafa to maintain the persecution. Many world governments know the details of the persecution and human rights violations occurring in China, but they do not raise the issue due to fear of economic repercussion from the arrogant Communist Regime.

We hope that we have clarified the truth about Falun Dafa. We hope that we have strengthened the wisdom and compassion of kind people around the world. We hope that our message has raised awareness of the evil persecution of Falun Dafa. Please send your loving-kindness and righteous thoughts.

Thank you,
Best wishes,
David Robertson


falundafa .org

Please help raise awareness and share this message with a friend. Thank you.

Excerpts from the main text of Falun Dafa:

“…modern science cannot prove the existence of gods, nor can it verify the existence of other dimensions. It cannot see the lives and the existing forms of matter in the dimensions that surround us. It does not know that virtue manifests as matter around the human body. Nor does it know that karma manifests as dark matter around the human body. People all believe in modern science, and yet modern science is unable to verify such immediate things.”

“I mentioned this issue when I talked about opening Tianmu (the third eye). Instead of using the physical eyes, one can see other dimensions by looking through this Tianmu of ours which exists between the two eyebrows. At the root of your nose, between the eyebrows, a passageway is opened directly to your Pineal Body… Medical science has already found that the front part of this Pineal Body is equipped with all the component structures of a human eye… They consider it a vestigial eye, and they still explain these things with the theory of evolution.”

“Cultivation depends upon the individual; the transformation of cultivation energy is up to the Spiritual Master.”

David Robertson <>

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