Black History Month: Bolaji Badejo (1952-1992) – the Nigerian Actor Who Played the Monster in the (1979) Alien Movie!

The Seven-Foot ‘Bolaji Badejo’ (and His Stuntman) Both Had an ‘Alien’ Suit!

The face part of the alien’s head was made from a cast of a real human skull, while the drool is KY jelly and shredded condoms – used to create the tendons of the beast’s jaws! Three aliens were made in total: a model alien; a suit for seven-foot Nigerian actor Bolaji Badejo – and another suit for his stuntman. Ridley Scott cast him after one of the production crew members met him in a bar. In all the years I have re-watched the Alien movie (in various formats) no one has ever mentioned that an African man was essentially playing the lead-role in any of associated commentaries! How could this fact have been over-looked in a film that has gone down as iconic? He made all the sinister and threatening movements that made the ‘Alien’ believable and extremely disturbing and frightening to the watching audience and made the film what it was! He was never asked to star in any of the sequels and sadly passed away at only 39-years old from sickle cell anaemia.

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