New Film: ‘Sentences Possess Full-Stops – Women Experience Periods’ – Starring Cher!

Cher: “American-English is Shite!”

Hot on the heels of the latest Hollywood controversy regarding the infantile use (and inherent dumbing-down) of the English language in the American colonies – Cher has entered the fray claiming that the use of the word ‘period’ (to denote the end of a sentence within ‘American’ English) is ‘misogynistic’ and not found within British English because it is ‘wrong’! Cher, speaking in the foyer of the Trump Plaza, clarified her position “Language is a man-made structure that does not ‘bleed’ once a month in pursuit of the potential generation of human life! We want the world to know that sentences do not ‘bleed’ – women bleed!” The film, co-starring Keanu Reeves, will be released in cinemas next January and will be simultaneously ‘streamed’ in an attempt to out-manoeuvre the Covid-19 pandemic!

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