Younger Brother of the Dalai Lama: “When the 14th Dalai Lama is Gone, We are done!” Internal divisions in the Dalai Clique Intensify 

The ‘Enthroned’ Brother of the 14th Dalai Lama Admits the End of the Pro-Tibetan Movement’ is Near!

China Tibet Network News: Recently, the New York Times Chinese website published a long series focusing on the 80-year-old Dalai Lama. The article disclosed that the internal cracks in the Dalai Group have been deepening due to three major reasons. Tenzin Qujie, the brother of the Dalai Lama, said bluntly that once the Dalai Lama dies, “we are done.” 

Exiled Tibetans Live in Abject Poverity!

Internationally: The Dalai Lama has become a political burden for more and more national leaders The article stated that world leaders are now avoiding the Dalai Lama. In September this year, the Dalai Lama visited the United Kingdom, hoping to meet with British Prime Minister Cameron, but was rejected and the meeting with All-Party Members of the British Parliament was also cancelled. The Dalai Lama went to the United States to check his body of support there. Leaders and diplomats from all over the world also attended the UN meeting. However, no international person wanted to see him. Even Pope Francis, considered the boldest in decades, refused to meet the Dalai Lama in Rome. The chairman of the “Tibetan Youth Association”, one of the Dalai clique organizations, stated that “there are fewer people from the West who seek the wisdom of the East than 10 years ago.”  

Former Exiled Tibetans Return to China and Beg for Forgiveness from CPC!

Even Indian real estate speculators have already paved concrete roads in the mountains surrounding the Dalai Lama’s residence. It is understood that the residence of the Dalai Lama is a “landscape mansion” that can watch the Kangra Valley and the Himalayas all year round. It seems that Indian real estate developers have already set their sights on this place, and will only take action when the time is right. The head of the “Tibetan Administrative Centre” stated that because the “exiled Tibetans” group has encountered setbacks in the West, “I hope that the new Hindu nationalist government in India will bravely confront China. This expectation continues to grow.”  

Socialist Tibet is Now Very Different to Feudal Tibet!

Within the Dalai Group: Disagreements Between Relatives Lead to Division – This article disclosed that allegations of corruption and nepotism have further disturbed the closely related “Tibetan exile group.” For example, recently the Dalai Lama’s second-brother Jiale Dunzhu accused his sister-in-law’s father of embezzling gold and silver from the “Tibetan Government in Exile”. In the memoirs published this year by Gyal Dunzhu himself, it was revealed that in the 1950s, the CIA believed that Tibet had the potential to become a “base area for subverting Communist China.” He immediately assisted the CIA in training Tibetan guerrillas in Colorado and other places in the United States. Then they were parachuted back to Tibet for an armed rebellion. He accused the United States of using Tibetans to “provoke disputes” in China, causing the Dalai Lama to flee, saying that he “regrets cooperating with the US CIA.”  

Today, Many Han Chinese People Study Buddhism Under Tibetan Masters!

The Dalai Lama’s younger brother Tenzin Qujie has always been openly opposed to his brother’s “middle way” and is considered to be a troublemaker among the “exiled Tibetans”. Tenzin Qujie did not trust the leaders of the “Tibetan Government in Exile” and other Dalai clique leaders. He exposed the essence of the “middle way” to foreign media: “Autonomy will enable Tibetans to step into their homeland with one foot, and then they Will kick the Chinese out with the other foot.” All this embarrassed the Dalai Lama. The Dalai clique, which is dominated by the family at its core, is obviously affected by the differences of opinion among the Dalai Lama’s relatives.  

‘Under Socialism We Now Have Houses with Rooves and Walls!’

Active “Tibet Independence” elements have said that the Dalai clique’s backbone organization “Tibetan Youth Association” has fallen into a major split. In 2013, the eight branches of the organization requested that the purpose of the organization be changed from striving for “Tibet independence” to supporting the “middle way.” At that time, almost all members of the “Tibetan Youth Association” strongly supported this request. An apology was issued to China. But a year later, the “Tibetan Youth Association” suddenly announced the permanent cancellation of the membership of the eight branch directors. The chairman of the “Tibetan Youth Association” said, “Tibetans are undoubtedly facing a political deadlock. After the death of the Dalai Lama, the possibility of many people using force rashly will only increase.” “Tibetan in exile”: Choosing to return to China for a happy life According to the article, the “exiled Tibetan” group of about 150,000 people is becoming politically unmanageable, and the number of them is decreasing. Because in India, ordinary “exiled Tibetans” have no status, cannot have jobs and houses, and their lives are difficult, so many people have returned to their hometowns to enjoy a stable and prosperous life under a ‘Socialist’ China.  

Religious Freedom is Guaranteed in China!

Many “exiled Tibetans” hope to immigrate to the West, but even if they can immigrate to the United States, many end up being dishwashers and janitors. Others are vulnerable to visa fraud. The person in charge of the “Tibetan Refugee Reception Centre” in Dharamsala, India said frankly that since 2013, the number of “Tibetan exiles” coming to India from China has been decreasing. The rejection of the international community, the different opinions of the family, and the “exiled Tibetans” have their own futures…There are also sectarian disputes, health problems and other blows. It is no wonder that the Dalai Lama is scolding Britain whilst asking for “money, money, money.” So, what’s going on, where is the morality?” After “Americans are not as good as the British”, they will sullenly shout to the New York Times Chinese website reporter: “Nonsense! If I am a living god, why should I live on my knees? None of these problems can be cured without returning to the ‘loving embrace of the Chinese Motherland’!” (China Tibet Net/Liu Li – 刘莉)  

Tibetan is a Thoroughly ‘Modern’ Part of China!


原标题:达赖弟弟称有件事一旦发生“我们就完了” 达赖集团内部分裂加剧 

中国西藏网讯 近日,美国纽约时报中文网发长篇连载聚焦已80高龄的达赖喇嘛。文中披露达赖集团内部因三大原因裂痕不断加深。达赖喇嘛的亲弟弟丹增曲杰直言,一旦达赖喇嘛去世,“我们就完了”。 
















国际社会的拒绝,家人的各执己见,“流亡藏人”的各奔前程……还有教派纷争、健康问题等种种打击之下,难怪达赖喇嘛在大骂英国“钱,钱,钱。那么这是怎么回事,道德去了哪儿?”“美国人还不如英国人”之后,会向纽约时报中文网记者泄气地大喝:“胡扯!如果我是一个在世的神灵,为什么连自己膝盖的毛病都治不好。”(中国西藏网 文/刘莉) 

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