Totnes: Remembering the Brutality of the Nazi German Regime (c. 1942)!

A Truly Wonderful and Wondrous Book – Published 2004

WWII (1939-1945) was a ‘People’s War’ fought by the Western and Eastern bourgeoise in alliance with the Progressive Proletariat Forces of the world – such as USSR, the Communist Party of China and Socialists and Communists everywhere (who suffered and willingly gave their lives as selfless individuals in endless examples – including all Western working-class people co-ordinated by the Communist Party – the ‘Partisans’ of Yugoslavia and elsewhere, and the ‘marqui’ [shrubland] or ‘French Resistance’ comprised of working-class men and women who fought the occupying Nazi Germans from the ‘scrubland’ of South-eastern France and directed from the Communist Party of France). Every working-class man (and woman) conscripted into the British Army during WWII – regardless of the bourgeois nature of that Army (and the crimes committed by that Army in the name of ‘Imperialism’ during times gone by) – automatically became by ‘default’ a ‘People’s Soldier’, a ‘People’s Sailor’, a or a ‘People’s Pilot’, etc. Remember, the modern British Army is premised upon Oliver Cromwell’s Revolutionary ‘New Model Army’ and even he (outrageously) used that Army against the Irish and the Scots (policies I personally reject – being a ‘Celt’ myself).

An Unbelievable True Concerning Nazi German Brutality During WWII!

What kind of man would ‘machine-gun’ young children playing in a school playground in broad daylight? This gives use a glimpse into the deficient and horrific Nazi German education system that could produce monstrous individuals like this – who decide to break away from their flying formations and take ‘joy’ in attempting to ‘murder’ innocent young children at play! No precise date is given for the bombing of Cornworthy Village School (pictured above) – but unless proven otherwise – it might well have occurred during the bombing of nearby Exeter which happened between May 3rd-4th, 1942. Of course, the War Criminal – Winston Churchill – unleashed the RAF upon German towns and cities following a ‘mistaken’ Nazi German bombing operation over Croydon in South London early-on in the War. From then onwards, the US and British Airforces would routinely blanket-bomb countless German schools – killing unknown numbers of German children! This culminated in the RAF atrocity over Dresden (carried-out by Polish RAF Pilots). My view is that many individual British Flyers ‘objected’ to these murderous policies – the question is whether any German Flyers made the same complaint? Possibly. Perhaps the Luftwaffe pilot deliberately aimed to ‘miss’ – perhaps not. What is true that no children were killed or wounded according to eye-witnesses. Just as the US has continued to indiscrimately target and bomb the schools of the their perceived enemies following WWII, the Nazi Germans also appear to have pursued a similar pattern of destruction during WWII. The thinking appears to be that if the children of the enemy are maimed and killed – then they will not grow-up and become adult-soldiers who oppose your regime! I remember that there is a plaque in the centre of the City of Exeter (in Devon) which records the night the Nazi German Airforce deliberately dropped bombs on this school on a return run from bombing the docks (and shipping) in and around Plymouth!

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