Poem: Cockington Fayre – By Diane Wyles (2007)

The Beauty of Cockington Fayre and the Creative Power It Induces In Others!

‘We wondered down to Cockington Fayre,

Did my true love and me.

And there we spied ‘Orse & Cart’,

And ‘ad ourselves Cream Tea’.

A thousand faces smiled at us,

As we strolled among he stalls.

My true love bought me strawberry jam,

And a necklace made of pearls.

I won’t forget this ‘Magic Dat’,

A Fayre so fine to see,

We danced we played,

And ‘ad some fun,

then wondered home for tea,

My true love and me.

Diane Wyles – Poet

The ‘Craft Club’ of St Matthew’s Church Produced this Wonderful Card!

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