Near Life Experiences (NLE) – When Inert Chemicals ‘See You’…

Inert Chemicals Cannot See the Wood for the Trees…

Much has been written about so-called ‘NDE’ or ‘Near Death Experience’ in the contemporary paranormal literature. These are essentially stories told by people who have been ‘clinically dead’ for some time – and after being resuscitated – have returned to conscious life and related their experiences believed to have been encountered during this period of physical death. Of course, regardless of the nature of these experiences, those involved were not permanently dead, and had not been ‘dead’ for a considerable length of time. Either a violent accident and severe injury propels these people into what must be described as an ‘astral’ realm of unlimited spiritual freedom, or they are temporally unshackled from their body during a routine medical operation involving anaesthesia, etc.  

Temporally ‘Aware’ Chemicals Report Hands, Soil and Organic Life…

Experiencers of NDE return with remarkable stories of elaborate heavens, terrible hells or indifferent ‘nothingnesses’, and despite not being permanently dead – their testimonies are used to support theism, atheism and agnosticism, etc, but what about the other side of the coin? Humanity spends so much time assuming it already ‘exists’ (without adequate ‘proof’), but is this true? Why is the phenomenon of ‘Near Life Experiences’ (NLE) not being taken as seriously as ‘Near Death Experiences’ (NDE) – or pursued with as much vigour? If a number of inert chemical substances are subject to dramatic environmental alteration (such as that experienced due to extreme heat, lightning strikes, volcanic eruptions, severe winds and rapid rainfall and flooding, etc) – do these substances ever experience the ‘conscious awareness’ that is usually taken to define ‘life’ for any length of time?  

Returning ‘Inert’ Group of Chemicals Relays First ‘Racist’ Comment

It could be that these formerly ‘inert’ chemicals develop into permanently ‘aware’ atoms and molecules – or simply ‘fall-back’ and dissipate into their previous inert state after the environment stimulus has declined or fallen-away. When ‘aware’ – do these globules of ‘new’ life ‘experience’ physical existence in any way similar to conscious human-beings? If they can, do they carry this data back into their original state where it becomes a mythical representation of what might ‘lie beyond’ inert chemical gatherings? Could this entirely natural experience be exactly how human-consciousness began and does it serve as a type of ‘heaven’ for those chemical globules as yet unable to sustain access to the permanently ‘conscious’ world?  

NLE Chemical Tourists Meet NDE Advocates Coming the Over Way!

The world of inert chemicals might well be planning a mass invasion of the ‘consciously aware’ realm. This could mean that a larger percentage of the material stuff available in the physical universe could become ‘aware’ of its own existence. What would this mean for already ‘aware’ chemicals that masquerade as ‘human-beings’ and imagine all kinds of scenarios as ‘end of life’ dramas? Just as ‘awareness’ passes into inert matter – giving it life – exactly the same ‘awareness’ leaves previously ‘aware’ chemicals (at the time of death) and returns these globules back to the status of ‘inert’ matter. Everything else just seems to be ‘imagination’ and of no evolutionary importance. It is as if consciously ‘aware’ chemicals are over-playing their hand somewhat, and attempting to make life more complicated than it actually is. The true ‘mystery’ is how inert matter becomes ‘aware’ of its own presence in the world – everything else is a footnote to conscious existence.  

Life As We Know It – A Special Arrangement of Matter…

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