Tehran: Iranian Ninja School (2012)

Advanced Iranian (Female) Students Practice with ‘Live’ Swords!

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD) 

On February 13, 2012, a select number of highly skilled (female) students – from the Iranian Ninja Training School – demonstrated a number of their various ‘advanced’ self-defence martial skills in a park (situated 45 kilometres northwest of Tehran).

Advanced ‘Suppleness’ is a Required Skill

In the Iranian Ninja Training School, students are taught the authentic Japanese renegade martial art of ‘Ninjutsu’ (忍術 – Ren Shu) – or the ‘Martial Art of Endurance’. This multifaceted martial art was developed over hundreds of years, and includes skills designed to empower women.

Advanced ‘Wall-Climbing’ Skills

As a consequence, ‘Ninjutsu’ was successfully used by the Japanese peasantry to combat the opposing martial skills of the dominant ‘Samurai’ class. This training includes the ‘correct;’ use of various (and very dangerous) traditional Japanese weapons, including bows, knives, nunchakus, and katana, etc. 

Advanced Iranian Weapon ‘Training’ in the Park

Chinese Language Reference: 


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