Chinese Scientists ‘Baffled’ By Talking Cat!

‘Sputnik’ – Talking Cat!

A cat in China has been discovered to be able to ‘recite’ the Communist Manifesto in the Chinese language! A stray cat has been found in a village in the Henan area of China who responded to kind villagers feeding him by immediately reciting the Communist Manifesto penned by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in the 19th century! E

‘Sputnik’ Can Recite the ‘Communist Manifesto’

xperts called-in to assess this amazing ability are of the opinion that the cat – called ‘Sputnik’ by local schoolchildren – developed this amazing skill by spending endless days lying in the sun outside a local primary school which sees the young pupils reciting this important document of Socialist education every day! Later, ‘Sputnik’ wandered into a nearby village and started explaining to the local villagers how the bourgeoisie and proletariat ‘evolved’ out of the caste system of feudal China! When given milk and meat, etc, ‘Sputnik’ would start to wax lyrical about how the proletariat would ‘rise-up’ and over-throw the corrupt bourgeois system! 

‘Workers of the World Unite!’

Government scientists understand the association between ‘Sputnik’ sat outside a classroom for years – but are at a loss to explain how his cat-brain was able to ‘process’ the audible data to such a high degree, remember it, understand it, and use his vocal-cords to form ‘words’ that sound very similar to human language!  

‘Sputnik’ Recites the Communist Manifesto!

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