Stop Blaming China – Covid19 is Not ‘Racist’! (2020)

China Has Dealt With the Covid19 Crisis Efficiently (2020)


The a priori bias of the Western media and the education system must be a depressing and debilitating experience. Imagine every facet of information being default-set to ‘dehumanise’ you from the perspective of your body’s skin-colour, height, hair-colour and face-shape, etc, with your culture and history deemed as being ‘evil’ and the product of ‘subhuman’ endeavour.

Common Anti-China Rhetoric Found Outside China (2020(

And yet this is exactly what the Western media and education system does – and it does this deliberately. It is a policy of prejudice authenticated and perpetuated by the governments of the US and the UK – which feeds into the anti-Chinese racist attitudes that are prevalent throughout Europe and common today, in such places as modern India (currently governed by the fascist BJP), and a developing Africa (which is being slowly penetrated by Western anti-China attitudes). The Covid19 Crisis has led to a dramatic increase of already existing racist attitudes in the West, which has manifested as violence on the streets aimed at anyone deemed ‘Chinese’.

Racist German Humour (2020)

A recent ‘protest’ to the haphazard ‘lockdown’ policies in German involved an empty restaurant having around two-hundred identical toy Pandas sat at each table. It is remarkable that no one has actively protested this episode as a being the product of a historical Germanic anti-China racism! For a Chinese person this is a shocking attack upon their cultural-identity – particularly as the latest scientific research is strongly suggesting that Covid19 originated within (capitalist) Italy and not Communist China! I highlight this latest research in the above linked article on the Communist Party of China blog which I administer in the West.  

This issue is complicated by such betrayals of the concept of anti-racism by Labour MPs like – Diane Abbott – who recently sided with the White Establishment and its anti-China policies.This anti-Chinese racism advocated by Black people fits-in with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement and its policy of not recognizing the legitimacy of the plight of Chinese people in the West – a policy which amounts to refusing to condemn White anti-Chinese racism.

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