My VK Account (Russia) – Genuine Freedom of Expression!

Communism Alive and Well In Russia!

This is my VK Account in Russia which allows for freedom of speech and thought:

Adrian Chan-Wyles – VK Account (Russia)

Facebook ruthlessly pursues US foreign policy. In the UK it is headquartered in Ireland and works to limit the Marxist-Leninist leftwing and any genuine or progressive movements. As Facebook now owns Instagram and Whatsapp – freedom of speech throughout social media platforms in the West is severely comprised! Furthermore, as part of this persecution of the left – Facebook passes on private and personal data about its members to the Authorities – as well as ‘sells’ this personal data to the highest bidder! This is all done through the development of deliberately intrusive software that follows your activity around the internet and compiles ‘files’ upon your identity and habits. Censoring political thought is part and parcel of the US fight against working-class unity and the achievement of a genuine worldwide Socialist Revolution! VK has the choice ‘Communist’ right at the top of its list for political affiliation!

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