Anti-Falun Gong Cult: On Being a Political Commissar

Li Hongzhi ‘Ordered’ Chen Guo (陳果) to Self-Immolate in 2001 and that ‘Deep Breathing’ Would ‘Protect’ Her from the Flames!

Communism in the West is disorganised, ill-disciplined, shot-through with Trotskyism and premised entirely upon revisionism. Since 1991 it has lost its way, and pursues a ridiculous path of placating bourgeois capitalism at every-turn! Furthermore, so-called ‘Communist’ movements are riddled with Eurocentrism and controlling cliques (usually of middle-class White men). A measure of just how bad things are, is when the bourgeois viewpoint and the Communist viewpoint either overlap or are very near to one another in structure. Of course, there are exceptions, but these problems lie with those Communist groups that tend to attract the most attention and therefore influence those in search of a Communist identity. Everything is arranged around the concept of ‘looking back with nostalgia’, so that no contemporary issues are identified or confronted through deliberate protest. Everything is default set to ‘avoid’ conflict with the status quo and to ‘prevent’ Revolutionary-minded individuals from taking decisive action. This position, of course, is pure Trotskyite and designed to maintain predatory capitalism. Within the British Communist movement, my partner – Gee (and our children) – have faced racial abuse from fellow leftists on more than one occasion, and due to our association with the Communist Party of China (CPC), we face continuous discrimination from the Communist left in the UK. Unless we make the effort to find out where and when things are happening, our names are removed from email lists, are presence at marches and protest events goes ‘unnoticed’, and every report we write is simply ‘ignored’, etc. Furthermore, our genuinely ‘Marxist-Leninist’ (Maoist) viewpoints are not welcome at various meetings. This situation does not bother us because we understand it to be the product of Trotskyism and the usual corruption of capitalism. This is why we focus our efforts with the Communist Party of China (CPC) which has shown us genuine friendship and comradeship!  

Our family in the UK gets on with Revolutionary activity in our own way, interfacing with official protests as and when it suits our agenda. In this regard, we are ‘flag-bearers’, but this is not valued in the bourgeois world of modern capitalism! So be it. However, as a ‘Political Commissar’, my function (with the CPC) is to expose Falun Gong Cult propaganda, and explain to people why this movement is highly dangerous to an unsuspecting world. This involves a complex knowledge of Chinese religion and philosophy, as well as the history of the Falun Gong Cult itself – which is a Eurocentric distortion of Chinese Daoism, Chinese Buddhism and Eurocentric concepts of monotheistic god, etc. The Falun Gong Cult has been involved in kidnap, human-trafficking, rape and murder over the years. Indeed, under the guidance of its leader in the US – Li Hongzhi – a whole raft of criminal activity is organised, administered and controlled. Police are often asked to ‘raid’ buildings in the US to ‘rescue’ children and young girls being ‘sexually abused’ by Falun Gong Cult members, but these incidents are ‘covered-up’ by the very police that deals with them! My job is not to let the Falun Gong Cult get away with this terrible behaviour! Many Westerners lack the basic knowledge required to understand what constitutes ‘traditional’ Chinese culture – but I can assure you that it is nothing that manifests from Li Hongzhi or his followers! It is best to keep yourself and your children away from these people, and campaign to get the Falun Gong Cult off our streets! The British and US governments let them ply their evil trade simply because they are ‘anti-China’ – but we are the victims of this murderous group of liars and rapists!  

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