Email: A Reflective Love (10.8.2020)

All-Embracing Mind of the Buddha

Dear Gillian

When I sit quietly, reality is a direct experience. It is deep, loving, caring and boundless. There is a ‘source’ but language cannot explain it. Even the best words, used in the most masterful way, cannot get near it. And yet this reality remains untouched, unsullied and free from of all human pollution! It is present ‘here and now’, but is ‘timeless’ in its eternal shining. I have got near to it through study, and then had to abandon study to bridge the last ‘gap’ between deluded ‘here’ and enlightened ‘there’. Love is the fabric, the essence and the manifestation. Love is the beginning, the middle and the end, the alpha and the omega! It is the opposite to deliberate effort, and yet a certain amount of effort is needed to get beyond the limitation of dualism! I sit and disappear into the boundarylessness of it all, knowing when to act and when to remain still. Even when interacting with the world of illusion, this reality permeates the manifold impressions that amount to material existence.. Dying into this experience is the next major step.  


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