Email: The Daemon of US Anti-Intellectualism (20.6.2020)

I suppose ‘no’ is the answer. You need not concern yourself with the fact that I do not participate in the leisure activity of ascribing a concrete reality to imagined phantoms in the mind. It is the same fallacy enjoyed by Karl Popper – who laughably thought that all scientific knowledge is relative and likely to ‘fail’ for reasons unknown (at least none that he could explain outside of ‘assumption’) – whilst he simultaneously believed that the ideology of the fascism he preferred was ‘real’ and not subject to the same criticism. Of course, US anti-intellectualism has its roots in Biblical dialogue. Everything good is from the influence of God, whilst everything bad is derived from the devil. As you appreciate the simplistic dichotomy of Popper, you will see the stark dualism at play in Eurocentric pre-modern ism. The American Indians (and everything associated with them), are of the ‘devil’, whilst the migrating and invading Europeans (and everything they do) is God-given and completely justifiable. This model can be applied to whatever place the Europeans have overrun with a gun and a cross. In the US, this has led to the development of a genre of horror literature that although fictional, is presented with all the certainty of an Einsteinian equation! People, animals and other things de-materialising, materialising or re-materialising, Dogmen, Skin-walkers, time-travelling, UFOs, government coverups, kidnapping and murder, etc. This all feeds into the highly lucrative paranormal industry, where it is important that fear and belief are perpetuated in the minds of the fee-paying public! Not only this, but with all the nonsense surrounding people disappearing in National Parks (the former hunting grounds stolen from the Indians), belief in the paranormal also has a very lucrative tourist industry attached to it, similar in nature to the holy places associated with religion. Whereas I know daemons (and angels, for that matter) do not exist, the onus is on the ‘believers’ to prove their assertions. Simply rearranging the same words on a page over and over again, as you are prone to do, proves nothing. 

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