China: Corona Virus – Reliable Medical Knowledge (17.2.2020)

Science Socialist Triumphs!

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: Master Zhao Ming Wang is a very popular and successful Daoist teacher in Beijing – with his Qianfeng School having thousands of members from all different parts of China, and around the world. His Chinese-language WeChat Account has all kinds of interesting people exchanging important information – including medical details about the corona virus outbreak in Wuhan! ACW (17.2.2020)

Please share this information. Our relative (surnamed ‘Tan’ 谭) has a Masters Degree and works in Shenzhen Hospital. He is being transferred to Wuhan to study the new pneumonia virus. He just called and asked me to tell all my relatives and friends that if you develop a runny nose and sputum during a cold – do not worry – as it cannot be concluded that it is the new-type of corona virus pneumonia. This is because corona virus pneumonia always begins with a dry cough WITHOUT a runny nose – this is the simplest way to identify this infection. He also informed us that this new type of coronary virus is NOT heat-resistant and will be killed in an environment with a temperature of 26-27 degrees. Therefore, drink plenty of hot water to prevent the virus taking hold. As long as the body maintains heat, you will be safe. Eat more ginger and do more exercise to up the body temperature, and you will not be infected with the virus. If you have a high fever, cover-up the quilt and drink ginger soup to increase the body’s heat energy without the need for a vaccine. Eat more ginger, garlic, pepper, and chillie; you can eat less sweet, sour, salty and bitter food, but don’t drink too much water, and don’t go to cold weather areas. The virus will disappear completely when exposed to the sun. Everyone can share this information and help everyone.

Original Chinese Language Text:

转:我们谭总监同学的亲外甥硕士毕业,在深圳医院工作。 现被抽调到武汉研究新型肺炎病毒。 他刚刚來电要我转告所有的亲戚朋友,感冒时如出现流鼻涕和咳痰者,不能断定就是新型冠状病毒肺炎。因为冠状病毒肺炎是干咳无流鼻涕,这是最简单的鉴別方法。 他还告知这次新型冠状肺炎病毒并不耐热,在溫度26-27度的环境下就会被杀死,所以要多饮用热水防止病毒,只要人体保持热能,多吃点姜,多做运动,就不会 感染病毒。如果有发高烧的症状,就盖被子,喝姜汤,让体内的热能提高,无需注射疫苗。多吃姜,蒜头辣椒,胡椒粉都可以解决;少吃甜酸咸苦,不需喝太多水,别去寒冷天气的地区。病毒只要经太阳暴晒就会完全消失。大家分享出去,帮到一个就一个。

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