Banned from Facebook for Celebrating Allied Victory Over Fascism in WWII! (17.5.2019)


Recently, Facebook facilitated the mass murder of Muslims in New Zealand by hosting the website of neo-Nazi supporter Brenton Tarrant. Facebook the broadcast his 20-minute video of his attack on a mosque to over 1.5 million viewers around the world! No apology has been forthcoming from Facebook which routinely colludes with the far-right, and persecutes the left, whilst claiming to be ‘non-discriminating’ in its policy. I was ‘banned’ previously for posting a photograph of US and Ukrainian soldiers holding up Nazi German Swastikas together with NATO flags! We, the people, own social media and not the capitalist cliques that currently think they do. Facebook supports Zionist Israel and the far-right political establishment. The Imperial Japanese murdered over 60 million people in China between 1931-1945 – this is a fact. Within the Chinese language these fascist murderers are termed ‘日本鬼子’ (Ri Ben Gui Zi) – or ‘Japanese Devils’. Our Chinese great grandmother (living in the New Territories, Hong Kong) was gang raped, hung-up by her hair, skinned and then set fire to by the Imperial Japanese soldiers! The ignorance of Facebook in Europe – which is shamefully facilitated through its Republic of Ireland headquarters – is truly disgusting! No retreat – no surrender! I have personally reported over 200 hundred posts with overt racist content or other hate-filled ideology and Facebook has not upheld a single complaint! I am told that Facebook often does not state exactly ‘why’ a person is ‘banned’ simply because it would expose Facebook to litigation (for ‘libel’).

Updare (20.5.2019): I was ‘banned’ from Facebook on Friday for 3 days for suppoedly sharing a post contained in the below article. I have been advised (even by FB employees) that this post does not break any FB rules and is historically accurate. However, Facebook Ireland is operating under direct control from te US Government and I received my ‘ban’ for writing articles opposing the ‘Pro-Tibetan Movement’ (according to a ‘friend’ who works in FB). A few days ago I received a death threat from a ‘Pro-Tibetan Group’ and Facebook stated this did ‘not violate’ any of their rules! I could not be openly ‘banned’ for my pro-China articles – so a post was randomly chosen as an excuse. In the meantime, I have stepped-up my translation work and re-doubled my efforts against the criminal 14th Dalai Lama – whose office the death-threat emerged from, and whose office ordered my ‘banning’!

#facebook #facebookcrimes #warcrimes #wwii #antifacism #japanese #warcrimes

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