The UK is Under Attack from Israeli Zionism


The UK political system at the moment is under attack by the external forces of Israeli Zionism. This is a very real and existential threat, being carried-out by rightwing members of the British Jewish community, and their non-Jewish supporters (comprising of rightwing fundamentalist Christians, Alt Right fanatics and fascists of various originations). Leading the fight against this immoral and illegal offensive is the worldwide Jewish community that understands the injustice of the situation, and any and all progressive (leftwing) movements that have historically fought against anti-Semitism and the right for Jews to live peacefully amongst us. The Israeli Zionists have fought for decades to have any and all support for the Palestinians equated with ‘anti-Semitism’, but this is incorrect. Just as Jewish people need protection from anti-Semitism, so do Palestinians need protection from Israeli (Zionist) fascism. It is that simple and there is no need to be deceived by Zionist claims to the opposite. Zionists are not always Jews, but from a historical perspective (confirmed by the UN in 1975), Zionism was a development of rightwingism primarily within secular Judaism in Germany in the late 19th century, which saw Jews of no particular outstanding ethnic practice, seek integration with the broader ‘White’ community by adopting its notions of White Supremacy. Zionism is White Supremacy practised by European Jews of primarily secular outlook. As a consequence, Zionism rejects any form of Marxism and disassociates itself with the political leftwing. Following Israeli attempts to infiltrate Soviet society with Zionist racism, the USSR cut-off diplomatic relations in 1952, and then again (permanently) in 1967. The USSR then tirelessly worked with the UN to expose Zionism as a form of regressive rightwingism and White Supremacy racism in the early to mid-1970’s. Zionist history is replete with terrorist attacks not only upon the Palestinians, but also upon the surrounding countries, and has included murdering a UN Ambassador, attacking a US Navy Warship, and attempting to blow-up British people in Egypt, etc. Much of this Zionist terrorist history can be read in Yevgeny Primakov’s excellent book entitled ‘Russia and the Arabs’ – behind the scenes of the Middle East from the Cold War to the present. At this present time, Israel is attacking a Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn – because Jeremy Corbyn supports the Palestinian Cause – and in so doing attempting to interfere with the British political system. The British media is playing along because it serves the interests of big business, and like the Zionists does not want the UK to have a Socialist Prime Minister should Jeremy Corbyn be successfully elected. If Jeremy Corbyn is elected Prime Minister in the UK, he would possess a very powerful international voice that could be used to bring legal proceedings against Israel for its many war crimes and terrorist acts committed around the world. Legal action could also be taken against the Zionists for equating criticism of their rightwing fascism with ‘anti-Semitism’.

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