The Soviets Were Right – Hitler Died in his Bunker


“The jaw of Hitler is in the archives of the FSB, a fragment of his skull – in the State Archives – ths all that remains of his body. These materials are the only documentary evidence of Hitler’s death. It is not worth leaving any opportunities for the emergence of a cult … there are people who profess fascist ideology, unfortunately, even in Russia.”

Lieutenant-General Vasily Khristoforov (FSB) – 2009

In July 2017, with permission of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), a team of French scientists accessed the fragments of Adolf Hitler’s teeth, and conducted a study to find out the cause of his death. Head of the academic team – Professor Philip Charlier – said that the teeth are genuine and belong to Adolf Hitler in an article published in the scientific journal ‘European Journal of Internal Medicine‘ – a finding which confirms the generally accepted theory of Hitler’s death on April 30th, 1945, along with his wife Eva Braun in his Berlin bunker. This groundbreaking research followed an erroneous announcement issued In September 2009, by American researchers from the University of Connecticut, which stated that the results of their DNA analysis upon Hitler’s skull suggested that it belonged to a woman less than 40 years old. This flawed research was immediately trumpeted around the Western world (without being checked), and used to confirm the deceptive and dishonest nature of Soviet science and history keeping. However, this fake result was exposed by representatives of the FSB, who immediately issued a refutation of this statement. The US has always tried to present the Soviet Union as being untruthful, and corrupt, whilst actively participating in the ‘Cult of Hitler’ fantasy, trying to imply that Hitler had survived the Red Army crushing of his Nazi German regime.

Following the Red Army liberation of the Fuhrerbunker in Berlin around May 2nd, 1945, the burnt remains of Hitler, his wife Eva Braun, Joseph Goebbels, his wife and their murdered children were found. The Red Army soldiers were not sure who these remains belonged to, and so the bodies were sent to a Soviet field hospital near Berlin. According to the (verified) and original records of the 3rd Shock Army of the Soviet Union, dated June 4th, 1945, it is stated that after the forensic medical examination and all operative measures for identification were completed, the suicide corpses captured in the Hitler bunker were buried in the vicinity of the city of Buch. Almost immediately, Hitler’s corpse was identified through his dental records. Within his mouth and between his jaws was found the glass fragments of a crushed cyanide capsule. At this point in the analysis, no bullet wound was mentioned in the report. However, those present in the bunker reported during interrogation that Hitler had shot himself, although none of the witnesses were present when incident is thought to have happened. SMERSH was responsible for counter-intelligence and the NKVD for security of the Red Army and its conquests. This meant that the remains of Hitler were transported around to many different locations under tight security. At the deployment of SMERSH, the corpses were seized and transported first to the area of ​​the mountains of Finov, and then to the mountains of Rathenov, where they were re-buried. ‘The corpses are in wooden boxes in the pit at a depth of 1.7 meters and are placed in the following order (from east to west) Hitler, Eva Braun, Goebbels, Magda Goebbels, Krebs, Goebbels children … The buried pit has been flattened to the ground, and on the surface 111 young trees have planted’ the SMERSH report clearly states. Due to the fog of war, it is thought that incomplete or out of date information was being reported back to the Kremlin. This may have been a deliberate policy to deceive enemy agents and those who might want Hitler’s body to be venerated as an anti-Communist hero. During February 1946, a Special Commission headed by Colonel Miroshnichenko, head of the SMERSH Detachment of the 3rd Shock Army, again opened the burial-place, noting that the corpses were already in a half-decayed state when first ‘delivered to the mountains. Now the remains are being moved to the SMERSH headquarters situated in Magdeburg, and will again be re-buried in a pit at a depth of 2 meters in the courtyard of house No. 36 along Westendstraße, near the southern stone wall of the courtyard, from the garage of the house to the east – 25 meters. The burying pit with corpses is flattened to the ground, the exterior view is reduced by the appearance of the surrounding terrain.’

Modern Russia currently possesses part of Hitler’s skull (with bullet hole), and his jaw-bone. This is all that is left of Hitler’s body. According to Lieutenant-General Vasily Khristoforov (of the FSB), the remains of Hitler were cremated in 1970, and the ashes were dropped into one of the rivers of East Germany. The bodies of Hitler and Braun were hastily cremated together on April 30th, 1945, in the Berlin bunker. after Hitler had bitten down on a cyanide capsule, and simultaneously shot himself. The remains of Hitler were brought to Magdeburg in early 1946, after eight months of displacement, where they were buried. In 1970, KGB agents acting on the orders of the head of the KGB – Yuri Andropov – unearthed the grave of Hitler, his wife Eva Braun and the family of Joseph Goebbels in (Magdeburg) East Germany. The officers extracted the remains from the grave located on the territory of the Soviet base in Magdeburg, just prior to that base being transferred into the custody of the East German Military. This action was designed to prevent Hitler’s remains falling into the hands of anyone who might want to resurrect the memory of Hitler and make a neo-Nazi shrine. In April 1970, Yuri Andropov prepared a report stating that ‘the remains were burned in a wasteland near Schoenebeck, eleven kilometers from Magdeburg, crushed to ash, collected and thrown into the river Biderits’ – this meant either the river Ele, flowing near the suburbs of Biederitz, or Lake Biederitz. All that was kept as evidence was Hitler’s skullcap and jaw-bone. – together with the side handles of the couch upon which Hitler had shot himself – as these handles are believed to be covered in Hitler’s blood.

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