Supporting China – Opposing Racism!


You cannot be a leftist and oppose Communist China – end of story. Let me put it another way, you can say you are a leftist whilst deliberately or unwittingly supporting the anti-China racism emanating from the Western, capitalist system, you can do that, only not on my page or any page that I run. This is because if you hold such a stupid ‘anti-Socialist’ viewpoint you are not a leftist no matter what you think or what you say – you are merely a reactionary fool. Trotskyites, of course, as they practice the ideology of ‘deceit’, openly espouse this position and I am very familiar with its dynamic – confuse and separate the international working class at any cost! Those who hold such contradictory viewpoints cannot prove the validity of what they think, because what they think has no basis in observable fact – it is merely a distorted belief system. This being the case, there is no debate to be had until the playing field is level, and all terms are correctly defined. I will not engage ignorant racism as a ‘legitimate viewpoint’ because it is nothing of the kind. I do not engage racism – I condemn it. Yes, I support Communist China, but then I can intellectually defend and justify my viewpoints and ideas in at least three languages (i.e. English, Chinese and Russian), and can access various databases to provide referenced source materials. The good news is that those who hold ideologically unsound viewpoints can repent and reform. Personally, I do not care less, as stupidity in this regard is its own punishment. Read Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao (amongst others), and stop engaging an inverted mind-set. Through education you can become part of the most progressive class history has ever known – the working class!

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