How the Rightwing Hijacks NHS Tragedies

Rightwing Racist Steven Woolfe – Former Racist

Everyday within the NHS, babies and young children become ill, suffer regression and for various reasons cannot be saved. This is a terrible tragedy for all concerned and the sheer sadness of these happenings cannot be underestimated. However, there are certain facts that need to be made clear. Everyday in the UK Black, Asian, Chinese and White babies develop illnesses (or injuries) and cannot be saved. In fact, far from being unusual or out of the ordinary, this type of infant mortality is highly common, and this is the case even if the best medical care is available. In these times of Tory excess and NHS privatisation, the NHS is being slowly dismantled from within, and collapsing from the periphery inwards. It is only the staff that is holding it together, and in the major UK cities, much of these dedicated individuals are from the Black, Asian and Chinese communities. They are trying to maintain a good standard of service whilst having their hours extended (they already work 12 hour shifts as normal), their pay cut, and working under an ever more abusive and irrational administrative management tasked with dismantling the NHS whilst attempting to hide what it is doing! Every so often the media picks up a tragic story of a White child (never a Black, Asian or Chinese child), and attempts to demonize the NHS with it. This has happened recently with a young child who has recently passed away, whose case was taken-up by a religious fundamentalist ‘Christian’ group, and former UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe – an arch racist who is now a rightwing independent MEP, who has launched a petition – but has become quiet about his former campaigns to ‘close’ the NHS and make UK citizens ‘pay’ for medical treatment! Woolfe and the mainstream media are using the tragedy of a young child’s death to turn the general public against the NHS, and take their attention away from the fact that it is the Tory government that is the reason some babies and children die due to the cuts they have made to the NHS! What the media or UKIP racists fail to say is that every single day the dedicated staff of the NHS save the lives of thousands of babies and young children of ALL ethnic backgrounds! I would ask people to think before getting involved in rightwing propaganda campaigns designed to deceive the general public, and exploit the young child and family involved. Finally, one Katrina Ann Sullivan, a follower of a recent media campaign similar to those described above – who is from Elgin and voted Brexit because she is racist – visited one of my Facebook pages and made a vulgar and insulting post. This is an ignorant rightwing supporter opposed to the NHS, who justifies her behaviour upon a sentimentalist rightwing media offensive! Needless to say, she is now ‘banned’ from my pages because I do not want this kind of ignorance around my thought community.

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