The Great Antibiotic Swindle: How Ancient Mummies Carry Antibiotic Resistant Genes!


New Scientist: Antibiotic resistance discovered in the guts of ancient mummies

When the Tory government of Margaret Thatcher in the early 1980’s, switched the ethos of the NHS from ‘care’ to ‘cost’, faceless civil servants in White Hall were given the task of inventing all kinds of ridiculous reasons to withhold diagnosis and treatments from a population that paid for this service through direct taxation. This is how the practice of blaming ill people for their ailments was established. Whilst rich people can continue to live how they like and pay for any treatment they need (including continuous antibiotic use), the rest of us have been fed the lie that the NHS prescribed too much antibiotics in the past and that this has led to antibiotic resistant bacteria. The answer? Allow people to remain ill for long periods of time by withholding the prescribing of the required antibiotics (as this saves the NHS ‘money’ – our money as it happens). However, this is a lie. The medical examination of a number of mummified bodies from around the world dating back to around the 11th CE and up to the 18th century, reveal that at least a thousand years ago (900 years before the discovery of antibiotics), various individuals already possessed antibiotic immunity genes. Whilst rich people continue to out-live the poor and the ordinary, it is the poor and the ordinary who have been blamed for a natural phenomenon distorted to justify NHS cuts and privatisation.

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