The Bias BBC (2018)

I used to listen to the BBC World Service until around 2010 – when the Tories and LibDems came to power. On occasion, I used to also frequent BBC R4 and BBC R3 to listen to various insightful lectures (usually about the various aspects of science). However, as te Coalition’s neo-liberal, rightwing agenda kicked-in, the BBC gave up any vestige of impartiality, and started openly and uncritically supporting the Tories and demonising the left. The BBC has supported ‘Austerity’ rather than reported its illegality. The BBC has ignored the 120,000 British people who have died so far (and continue to die), and has done its best to down-play and bury the 2016 verdict by the United Nations that found the UK Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity (for the deaths of at least 10,000 people suffering with disabilities, who died when their medical care and meagre benefits were arbitrarily cut). Other than Nazi Germany after WWII, the UK remains only the second country in Europe to have been found ‘guilty’ of such a crime. The corrupt and moribund nature of the BBC is demonstrated by its omission of this story, arguably one of the most devastating stories of all time for UK culture and history! Indeed, the UN Report concluded that the British media in general has acted in a complicit manner, very similar to how the German media of the 1930’s placated Hitler’s genocidal pogroms.
Whenever the Tories are criticised about their disastrous record in office, the BBC immediately responds by attacking the origin of that criticism. Of course, the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn is a continuous target for this negative BBC bias. As I said, I do not watch or listen to the BBC anymore, but yesterday, whilst turning the TV on at lunchtime, I could not find the remote control quick enough to change channels, and was subjected to the ‘BBC Headlines’ which led with an inherent criticism of Jeremy Corbyn, before going on to some piece about discrimination in the Boy Scouts, or some similar story. It is not that the Labour Party is beyond criticism, but at least criticise if for the right reasons (much of the ‘New’ Labour Administration was ‘criminal’ and anti-working class). Neither is it the case that Jeremy Corbyn is perfect, far from it, but what this Labour Party is doing is ‘confronting’ the Tories neo-liberal agenda, and the BBC, instead of examining the legitimacy of this position, is openly ‘defending; the Tories irrespective of the facts. In short, the BBC is attacking Labour and demonising Jeremy Corbyn because it (and he) are opposing the Tories.
What is odd about this situation is that political parties opposing one another is the entire basis upon which British (liberal) democracy is supposed to work. The Labour Party is in opposition and so it is performing its alloted task of ‘opposing’ the incumbant Tory Administration. The agency of ‘disagreement’ is the foundation of British democracy, whereas the policy of an enforced ‘single’ view might well be described as ‘fascist’, and it is exactly this policy that the publicly funded BBC is following (hence the scathing UN Report). To put it another way, every adult person who owns a TV set and watches the BBC has to (by law) purchase a TV Licence. This is true for the 120,000 who have died because of Tory Austerity, and yet the BBC takes their money, but has chosen not to report their plight. Furthermore, people holding political viewpoints from across the political spectrum pay exactly the same TV licencing Fee, but their views are excluded from BBC representation and analysis. This explains why it is that the BBC has been accused of breaking its own Charter to provide good quality and impartial reporting and education.

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