Bjork (and Other Enemies of China)


In 1996, Bjork attacked a British-born reporter in Bangkok after the journalist ‘welcomed her to Thailand’. Despite the vicious assault being caught on camera, Bjork suffered no legal consequences.

During September of 1996, Ricardo Lopez – a longtime stalker of Bjork – filmed his own suicide whilst making racist statements about Bjork’s partner. Bjork subsequently went on to attack another reporter in 2008, amongst rumours of her continuing to perform whilst suffering psychological instability. 2008 also happens to be the year Bjork performed a concert in Shanghai, during which she started chanting ‘Tibet’ and calling for Tibetan independence in front of a stunned Chinese crowd.

The Government of China immediately issued a statement that said that Bjork had broken the Law of China, and insulted the Chinese people within their own country. At that time, the Government of China also stated that due to Bork’s criminal behaviour, it will be difficult in the future for foreign artists to perform in China as the Law will be tightened to prevent this type of entertainment related terrorism. What is interesting about Bjork is that she subscribes to a bourgeois anarchism, which is nothing more than a form of hyper-individualism generated through the capitalist system. By carrying-out this action in China, Bjork fully aligned herself with the US derived racial campaign aimed at bringing down the Communist System within China. Ethnic Tibetans were freed from primitive feudalism and the threat of capitalism in 1949 when the Communist Party of China came to power. At this time, Tibet was also freed of imperialist Chinese rule. Bjork, like many other misguided Westerners (including Richard Gere, Beastie Boys, Puff Daddy Brad Pitt and Sinead O’Connor, etc) would have Tibet returned to the tyranny of feudalism and the brutality of capitalism. This is the dubious ‘freedom’ that the CIA (and 14th Dalai Lama) advocate for Tibet, but the reality is that modern Tibet is a thriving Socialist country that has no need to regress into outmoded forms of backward socio-economc conditions.

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