Was 911 Steel Really Sent to China?


The above graphic features Al Qaeda terrorist Usama Bin Laden (left) and CIA Operative Tim Osman (right). Of course, both men are the same single person photographed at two different times in their life. The younger Tim Osman initiated the US (CIA) Islamo-fascist project in Afghanistan during the 1970’s, whilst the older Usama Bin Laden is known world-wide as the leader of Al Qaeda and the mastermind behind the 911 terror attacks committed in New York in 2001. Most people in the West remain unaware that Bin Laden (as Tim Osman) was a loyal US Citizen who worked faithfully for the CIA – and was one of that clandestine organisation’s best operatives. Probably about the same number of people have no idea that after 911, Bin Laden gave a number of media interviews completely denying any and all involvement in the attacks on New York. The 911 narrative appears to thrive on ignorance, half-truths and no truths. One statement that arises time and again on both sides of the argument is that the steel rods that reinforced the three buildings that collapsed on 911 cannot be properly analysed because the debris were ‘sent to China’ for processing. Really? This ‘truism’ appears in endless documentaries supporting the US Government’s official view of the terror attacks, and also within the bewildering number of ‘conspiracy’ documentaries questioning this narrative. Sometimes (as if by after-thought) this assertion is given added strength by suggesting some of the 911 steel debris was also sent to India – but India is mentioned with less regularity.

If you watch these ‘China’ narratives, a strange thing unfolds before your eyes. Those who make this statement treat the notion and concept of China as something of a logical dead-end, into which all things might enter, but from which nothing might return. In this regard, China becomes something of a logical black-hole, a place where all ‘norms’ of society and culture cease to function. When China is used in this context, it becomes an inhuman depository of all that is bad or deficient. Of course, this prevalent attitude has its roots in Eurocentric racism, which subjugates an imagined China, just as individual Chinese people are excluded from European society (to lesser or greater degrees). The stupidity of this position is clear as predominately American ideologues try to defend their respective positions with a misrepresentation of China.

Did China import the steel debris from the 911 crash site? Despite searching the Chinese language internet, and talking to knowledgeable people, I cannot confirm or deny this story with an absolute certainty, However, I can state there is no obvious evidence suggesting that 911 steel debris arrived in China. It has been suggested to me that if the Government of China knew that the steel debris of 911 would be arriving in its country, surely it would have been beneficial to have taken custody of this shipment and placed it in a secure unit for in-depth scientific scrutiny. Generally speaking, if China had imported the 911 debris, the Government would have made this clear in official reports. Furthermore, China has a well-developed ‘blogosphere’ and despite millions of people writing articles for net publishing, I have not found a single entry that discusses this happening (not even in theory). I doubt that the Government of China would have let the steel debris of 911 pass through a reprocessing system without making political gain from the situation. If evidence of thermite had been discovered, this knowledge could have been used to nullify US racist attitudes toward China, and perhaps prevent the most destructive of US military campaigns. Such knowledge might have been used to cut US support for the Pro-Tibetan Movement and the Falun Gong Cult, and perhaps as a means to empower North Korea in the face of US aggression. There might even been a ‘softening’ of US attitudes over Taiwan – but none of this has happened. It could be that the Government of China tested the 911 steel debris and all that was found was aviation fuel and clear signs of fire induced melting. This type of knowledge – that confirms the US Government’s official line – might not be so valuable, and it could be that China’s Government does not want to seem to be supporting any kind of US propaganda.

What does exist in China is a healthy blog-led exploration of the 911 events from a geopolitical Chinese perspective. It is said that China was allowed access to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) not long after the 911 terror attacks. At that time the US made a big deal about Taiwan – whilst CIA operatives infiltrated north-west China and began the spread of Islamo-fascism amongst the (Turkic) Uighur people. This was a natural continuation of the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Using exactly the same infiltrations tactics as Tim Osman used in Afghanistan, CIA operatives illegally entered China and began the process of brain-washing Chinese citizens of Islamic origin. It is reported that China’s anti-terrorist police soon hunted-down and eliminated these invaders – but not before China suffered a number of Islamo-fascist attacks itself. Despite this, the Government of China acknowledges that Muslims live very peacefully and productively within China and are loyal to the Chinese State and the Communist Party of China (CPC).

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