Americanism – In Ignorance We Trust!


Americanism is a real problem for the evolution of humanity. As US citizens use a type of English as a first language, we in the UK are condemned to be eternally associated with this country, whose citizenry once initiated a ‘Revolution’ of sorts, and over-threw direct rule from London. What did they do then? After a few decades of trying to resist the harsher aspects of international capitalism, and seeking a progressive cultural path away from the staid culture of Europe, eventually fully endorsed all aspects of predatory capitalism, and reverted to all the ‘old’ European ways – including the Death Penalty once viewed by Americans as a hideous barbarism. In reality, the US middle class separated itself from the British middle class, and embarked upon its own path of self-determination. The ignorance of racism has always loomed large in the US sense of identity, with any and all non-Whites being interpreted as the ‘enemy’, and it is ironic to consider that the British – desperate as they were for recruits in the American colony – employed Native American Indians, and promised ‘freedom’ to any and all African slaves who would ‘pledge allegiance’ to the union jack. Another plank in the American identity has always been the unquestioned domination of the US by a White, Christian middle class, to the detriment of the American working class – a working class that has been brain-washed into considering its disempowerment and servitude as the highest forms of freedom available to humanity. This status quo has been maintained by a deficient education system, racism, draconian laws and brutal State oppression down through the centuries. This historical conditioning has bequeathed to each new generation in the US a mind-set premised upon arrested development, one which cannot see beyond its own selfish and ignorant point of view which is always justified by the worst excesses associated with an equally ignorant Judeo-Christian tradition. The foundation of this brain-washing is that no matter how terrible a life may be (and there are millions suffering in the US), this deprivation on all levels is the only ‘freedom’ worth having. Of course, the middle class is just as stupid, but it is stupid whilst possessing ALL the political power, legal apparatus and military forces an advanced capitalist State can generate. The US has the kind of mentality that dropped two atomic bombs on an already defeated Japan (a non-White country) to ‘see what would happen’. Following WWII, the European powers – heavily influenced by that British fascist Winston Churchill – effectively allowed the stupid US to expand its influence beyond its own geographical borders (although in truth the US had been an imperial power long before this). Now we in Britain are stuck with a country of racist psychopaths that pollute the minds of their own people with greed, hatred and delusion to such an extent that the average American can no longer discern ‘fact’ from ‘fiction’, and views obviously contrived Hollywood films as ‘documentaries’. Then again, this is a country who once elected an ageing rightwing former actor as President, who mistook a part he once played in a film to be his actual war-time experience! The madness does not stop here (if only it did!), but the only African-American President backed a neo-Nazi rebellion in the Ukraine! Today, with the election of the racist and intellectually deficient Donald Trump – it is fair to say that the KKK now has its grubby finger on the nuclear button. The US System is nothing less than a heavily armed rogue State, and it is in the best interests of world peace that the US working class be encouraged to ‘free’ their country from the democratically elected fascist dictatorship it has enjoyed for centuries.

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