Harpo Marx in the USSR (1933)

In the meantime, and for reasons not entirely clear, the US government despatched ‘Harpo Marx’ to the newly created US embassy in Moscow as a ‘good will ambassador’ in 1933! One bizare explanation is that the US naively thought that as he possessed the family name ‘Marx’, he would be more acceptable to the Soviet Authorities! The following video is taken from the Soviet newsreel recording this event. 

Raphael Samuel – The Lost World of British Communism Exposed

Raphael Samuel is writing as a bourgeois historian who has fully accepted and endorsed the capitalist status quo, but who maintains a ‘nostalgia’ for what he considers a lost past. Samuel seeks to draw the reader into this inverted would of bourgeois illogicality whereby what he thinks about the CPGB (and International Communism) is the only viewpoint of the world worth having.

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