Cultural Hitlerism – the Mainstreaming of Far-Right Rhetoric in the West


Cultural Hitlerism is my descriptive name for the mainstreaming of a racist nationalism across the West. Although an argument can be made that the US has always pursued a rightwing narrative in the service of predatory capitalism, within Europe it has been a different story. Although European governments have undoubtedly pursued vicious and highly destructive colonial policies across the world, within those European countries has generally existed a very strong leftwing tendency amongst the working class. Of course, the strength and direction of this tendency has varied from country to country, and increased or decreased with intensity over-time, but as bourgeois governments murdered and massacred non-White people in other parts of the world, there were robust Socialist or Communist resistances from within European domestic populations. Even within Italy and Germany prior to the rise of fascism in the 20th century, there were healthy Marxist-Leninist Movements, often in alliance with various types of religiously inspired utopian socialism. Obviously, the Catholic Church a priori opposed any and all Socialist Movements (and still does) due to the emphasis upon atheism as a means to raise the educational level of the working class, and actively assisted Nazi Germany in its perpetuation of the holocaust against Jews, Roma, Communists, Slavs, Disabled. Homosexuals and anyone who disagreed with Hitler’s insane ideas of racial purity. Following Hitler’s defeat in 1945, the US emerged onto the world scene as a major player, demanding that all European governments pursue a rightwing capitalist path, and steer their respective populations away from Socialist Movements. America achieved this political and cultural influence through the power of the debt associated with its ‘war loans’ to the devastated European countries, and by the presence of its troops throughout Europe. The demand that all European countries renounce their Socialist ideals and join the US in an aggressive military pact against the Soviet Union was firmly established through NATO – and the preference for rightwing ideology was firmly established. The idea of Hitlerite racist attitudes came to dominate the European mind, as it became immersed in US-style White Supremacist thinking. Indeed, so successful as this brain-washing become, that many people in the West now think it is culturally acceptable to be ‘proud’ of one’s ethnicity (to the exclusion of all others), and to think in racist terms about identity. In this Hitlerite psychological climate, the notion of ‘racism’ is not viewed as ‘aberrant’ as it was prior to 1945, but is now seen as a legitimate viewpoint to be held, providing it conforms to certain culturally accepted norms of expression. This only applies to White people of course, as Hitler intended, and does not apply to non-White communities living either in or outside Europe, which are continuously labelled as a ‘threat’ to the survival of the White race. This is the inherently ‘racist’ educational climate in the UK that our children are now being raised within.

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