Trotskyite Misogyny as a Bourgeois ‘Feminist’ Deviations!


A (man and) woman who rejects Marxist-Leninism as the ideological basis for Feminist ideology is a ‘class enemy’ in the service of the Bourgeois State, and maybe categorised as a perpetrator of ‘Trotskyite Misogyny’. Marxist-Leninist Feminism views capitalism as the problem (not necessarily ‘men’) because Patriarchy emerges from that class which owns and controls  the means of production. Bourgeois Feminism (which can also be termed ‘Trotskyite’ Feminism), rhetorically attacks ‘men’ whilst uncritically accepting capitalism as ‘natural’ and ‘preferable’. The former position is dialectically correct, whilst the latter constitutes a bourgeois class deviation. Just as the bourgeois Trotskyites have hijacked and misused the term ‘Socialism’, they have also misappropriated the term ‘Feminism’ and given Feminists a bad name. Women who blame men are as dialectically incorrect as men who blame women – both points of view being equally bourgeois. Patriarchy is a combination of gender privilege, class and profit. Simply attacking gender privilege without equally acknowledging class and profit serves no purpose other than to sabotage the working class on its mission toward self-emancipation. A true Feminist fights the injustice of Patriarchy – this is correct – but pays equal attention to overthrowing the bourgeoisie and freeing all people (including men), from the tyranny of capitalist oppression.

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