On Why Cultural Marxism Does Not Exist


Prior to the Reformation, the Catholic Church stated that although it could collect endless wealth to itself – it was sinful for ordinary people to do so. The Anglican Church, by way of contrast, decreed that profit making was now suitable for all, and no longer to be considered a sin. Therefore, following the Reformation, Anglican Church laid the foundations for modern capitalism to develop throughout society. When this is known, it is peculiat that the bourgeoisie should lament ‘secularisation’, and as a distinct and privileged social class, resist all historical, social and cultural movements premised upon the ‘tolerance’ of difference. As a consequence, and arising out of the ignorance of US-inspired Cold War rhetoric, all such trends have been referred to as ‘Cultural Marxism’, despite the fact that mainstream academia does not accept this term. What is being described is the drive toward cultural materialism, but as we shall see, this is the essence of modern capitalism and has nothing to do with Marxism. Like most things ‘bourgeois’, so-called ‘Cultural Marxism’ is a figment of the middle class imagination, that like the theistic religious beliefs it holds so dear, has no basis in the material world. This means that by utilising the academic disciplines of logic and reason, there exist no grounds to assert that such an entity as ‘Cultural Marxism’ exists. Rather like UFOs, dog-men and telepathy, ‘cultural Marxism’ is a purely ‘mythic’ construct of an inverted human mind-set obsessed with greed and power on the material plane. The bourgeoisie, having historically generated the very capitalist forces that are destroying their beloved theistic beliefs, are blaming this ‘secular’ drive for profit on the work and thinking of Karl Marx, when in reality, it is the thinking of Karl Marx that exposes the bourgeoisie, its capitalistic system, and its drive to ‘destroy’ that which it wishes to utilise as ‘profit’. It is capitalist market forces that destroy theistic religion, as a continuing means to generate ever more profit, and exploit the environment to an ever greater degree of efficiency. It is the materialist market forces of modern capitalism that destroys everything traditional that the bourgeois holds dear, with philosophical Marxism simply revealing this historical process. The fact that the bourgeoisie as a class gave birth to modern capitalism, and the fact that modern capitalism has a tendency to destroy every commercially inefficient cultural underpinning that preceded its development, has nothing whatsoever to do with the work of Karl Marx. This is because capitalists are responsible for their own actions, and due to the unbridled greed they worship and practice, any and all ‘old’ modes of human behaviour are prone to be ‘rationalised’ and brought into line with the ruthless ‘search for profit’. As a consequence, it is obvious that capitalists in their unenlightened form are certainly not ‘Marxists’, and that the destructive socio-economic force of modern capitalism is driven by a predatory greed that is self-sustaining and transforming in equal measure. In-short, capitalists destroy their own traditional cultures simply by being ‘capitalists’. What they lament is the passing of the old, and the arrival of the new. These capitalists want ‘new’ profit, but they do not want the ‘new’ circumstances such profit-seeking demands. This observation reveals the back-bone’ of ‘conservatism’ and ‘reaction’ that underpins the bourgeois mind-set, and which defines modern capitalism. Marx expertly exposed how capitalism was historically developed, and how it destructively operates in the environment. Marx did not ‘invent’ that which he exposes, and cannot be held logically responsible for it.

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