US Mythology: Dog-Man


US neo-imperialism and neo-colonialism are all linked with US media hegemony across the Western world, large parts of Asia, Africa and South America. The implicit mind-set of this world-view is essentially ‘Eurocentric’ and racist, or the perpetuation of the notion that what ‘White’ Americans think, feel and experience about the world is far more important than the experiences of non-Americans (of any other ethnicity). This description lays the foundation for the perpetuation of American pre-occupations that are perpetuated around the globe through (the ‘British’ invention) of the world-wide web. Youtube is one such agency that conveys this kind of information, and one of its more ‘mythic’ subjects is that of the ‘dog-man’. This information is invariably anecdotal and delivered through the format of ‘creepy’ wilderness stories.  The US has a number of vast national parks and wilderness areas, which were created as one of the final acts of dispossessing Native American Indians of their ancestral lands. This ‘stolen’ land was then ‘re-invented’ as the playground of the European settlers. It is the descendents of these settlers who now claim to see, on occasion, a large wolf-like animal that can run on all-fours, or walk upright on its back-legs. This creature smells like a cross between stale urine, wet fur and rotting flesh. When stood-upright, this creature is said to be around 7 foot tall. When on all-fours, it has been known to keep up with speeding cars for short distances. It has a head like a German Shepherd dog, and a body covered in red, black, or grey hair. Its front ‘arms’ hang-down past its knees when stood-upright, an it is heavily muscled, with a rounded chest and thin waist. No physical evidence of any sort exists to prove the existence of this creature. Many of the so-called ‘true stories’ appear to be ‘fictional’ creations designed to entertain an audience of horror fans. It is ironic to think that when White settlers were raping and murdering their way across America – they must have seemed like some kind of barbarous ‘animal’ to the natives who fell victim to their mindless violence.


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